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What will be the fate of Zheng Shuang, who is forced to be in a hurry because he is a surrogate in the United States and

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Wen Xiaoxiao is a Scorpio girl

She is born with a dark belly and is small and proud

He has violated all the little taboos in the workplace and love field

In addition to being brave and careful, the demon testing ground of wandering in the love field and workplace also has some small skills

In recent days, people who eat melons may have a bigger melon since 2021

Yesterday, Zheng Shuang, standing on the cusp of the storm, issued two statements on his microblog

The whole text is selling miserably, with logic confusion and even wrong words, which makes people confused

They are criticized as "not as good as primary school students"

However, in his statement, Zheng Shuang acknowledged the authenticity of the recordings previously exposed on the Internet, and for the first time mentioned that the reason why the two broke up was Zhang Heng's cheating

Zheng Shuang, the peak of her debut, has encountered a greater crisis since her debut

I'm afraid that her tens of millions of fans are not afraid of being crushed to pieces and can't protect her

However, this is obviously not a capricious incident of a star

It is even more serious than Fan Bingbing's tax evasion

It not only violates the law, but also touches the bottom line of human relations

It has been criticized by the major media of the central government, and has even been banned

All variety shows and film and television dramas are about to go offline

Well, we can't help but think about what Zheng Shuang's future will be like after experiencing this series of disturbances

We might as well guess

First, the contract was terminated at sky high prices and the house property was sold

At present, numerous major brands endorsed by Zheng Shuang have issued official announcement of contract termination

However, this is only the first step

Next, all brands, including some variety shows and film and television plays she participated in before, must be held accountable for the follow-up, including making her bear the losses caused by endorsing the brand and film and television production

This must not be a small amount

It is estimated that more than hundreds of millions

So, next, will we see Zheng Shuang's team change to a house buying agency, selling hundreds of millions of her real estate everywhere? Second, prepare to go to a certain country to settle the lawsuit with Zhang Heng

This direction can only be speculated

From Zheng Shuang's previous behavior of throwing the pot, she lacks courage and confidence to face this matter bravely

Moreover, the current epidemic situation in a country is rampant, coupled with some unstable factors, Zheng Shuang must not have the courage

Third, admit the fact of the child, go to a country to pick up the child, admit their mistakes to the public, beg for forgiveness, and announce their withdrawal from the circle

This estimate is also a speculation

It is just the wishful thinking of the public relations team

Zheng Shuang may not be so happy to admit it

In addition, she was so cruel that she didn't want children

Can she still be expected to take good care of her? Here I would like to say a few words for those two innocent children

Please do not let this inhuman mother and family take over

The children will not be happy in the future

Fourth, Lord Zheng Shuangjin traveled to the central government to mediate for her

Wow, I admire the brain hole

If so, how powerful the gold Lord will be! It is even more impossible to observe this visually, because if it was powerful enough, the central media would not have been so heartless

Fifth, facing the disaster of imprisonment

The central media has said with certainty that Zheng Shuang's behavior has violated the law

If she is held accountable, she will inevitably face the disaster of imprisonment

However, this problem may still be vague at present, and I am afraid it will not be so serious

After all, many rich people and celebrities have done this

If so, I'm afraid it doesn't involve too many people

Sixth, suicide? At the beginning, Shirley in South Korea chose to commit suicide because she couldn't stand online violence

Will Zheng Shuang follow suit? This is what I thought of at the beginning, because Zheng Shuang's image has always been thin and small, which makes people want to protect

Everyone sympathizes with her mental health because of her lack of love since childhood, and also because of her feelings and depression

However, after the surrogacy incident, I will have a subversive understanding of her

Maybe her appearance is all fake

It is certain that she will be out of the circle, but I am afraid it will be difficult for ordinary people this time

I feel that her life trend is also a tragedy and the product of her parents' sex education

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