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There is no need to be afraid of the Suez Canal being blocked. Taking the Arctic route is faster and cheaper. The United

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The Arctic is a sea covered with ice and snow

It was proposed long ago to open a route across the Arctic to connect Europe and Asia

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, this idea was not really implemented until after the Second World War

Now, with the support of various technologies and the impact of global warming, the Arctic route has attracted more and more attention

Theoretically, if this new route is adopted, the Suez Canal will not be blocked, and the Arctic route will be faster and cheaper

It may shorten the time for shipping containers from Asia to Europe through the Suez Canal by half

Due to various reasons, in fact, the Arctic route is exclusively enjoyed by Russia

Russia has developed the Arctic route for decades, and the annual freight volume is rising

Seeing that it is going to be successful soon, the United States plans to pick the pick

The United States also sees the huge advantages this route brings and the high profits it brings

Naturally, the United States wants to rob greedily

Perhaps some people think that the United States cannot develop its own Arctic routes? In theory, the United States is also an Arctic country

Unfortunately, from a geographical point of view, the Arctic route established by the United States along the North American coast does not have a competitive advantage

For the transportation between the East and west coasts of the United States, and for North America to Europe or Asia, the Arctic route has limited advantages and even disadvantages

More importantly, the United States does not want Russia to take advantage of the Arctic route to occupy more advantages

Russia is seeking to turn the Arctic route into a "major international maritime route" and is trying to establish a management mechanism for this route

For example, it requires that any vessel passing through the Arctic route must have a Russian pilot

Foreign vessels obtain permission before passing through the Arctic route, almost according to their own domestic routes

The United States clearly does not want to be bound by Russia

It also wants to seek its own interests, which is an important reason why the United States has talked about its Arctic strategy in recent years

Now the United States has made many accusations against Russia on the Arctic issue, as if it wanted to uphold justice

Unfortunately, in the current situation, there are still many difficulties for the United States to compete with Russia in the Arctic

Although global warming makes it possible for the Arctic route to pass without icebreakers, the Arctic is often covered with ice and snow, and large icebreakers must be used to open the way

Obviously, such large icebreakers are not owned by the United States

Russia has a congenital advantage in the Arctic route

It is not easy for the United States to break this advantage

At least from the current state, it is not possible

The United States needs more efforts to take advantage