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Zhang Ziyi has a second child in the United States, but Hollywood female stars seem to prefer surrogacy?

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Congratulations to Zhang Ziyi

On the third day of the new year, she ushered in the safe birth of Er Bao and realized her wish to be a baby with one hand

The day after the Japanese Diva Hamasaki announced that she was a mother without warning, the birth choice of the two female stars gave me different thoughts

On the other hand, Zhang Ziyi, who announced that she was pregnant for 30 weeks in October, 19, took the post of chairman of the jury of the Tokyo International Film Festival with a noble and elegant attitude, and maintained her fetus while doing business seriously

On the one hand, Hamasaki has never been photographed with a big belly

It was not long ago that Hamasaki held a new year concert in Tokyo, and the idea of surrogacy is rampant

According to the data of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in the United States, between 1999 and 2013, there were about 1

840000 babies were born through surrogacy, many of whose parents were celebrities

At present, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia are completely legal domestic commercial surrogacy

Surrogacy in Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries is legal, but only if no remuneration can be paid to the surrogate mother, and the law recognizes the surrogate mother as the legal mother of the child

Some states in the United States allow commercial surrogacy

For example, Kim Kardashian, who has four children with her husband kanyewest, suffered from pre eclampsia and placental hyperplasia when giving birth to her eldest brother, northwest and second child, saint

During childbirth, doctors need to manually strip the placenta

The process is very dangerous

She almost lost her life and was warned by doctors not to have another child

Therefore, their third child, Chicago and Psalm, who are amazing in appearance, were born by surrogacy

Kidman and keithurban's eldest daughter, sundayrose, is a test tube baby, and their youngest daughter, faith, also chose a surrogate

Aimi Li has many friends who try to test tube baby for various reasons

There is no need to say all kinds of hardships

Basketball superstar Wade and actress wife gabrielleunion have tried numerous test tube babies before, but failed repeatedly

They welcomed their first child through surrogacy in 18 years

The famous host jimmyfallon gave birth to two daughters with nancyjuvonen, the producer's wife

He said: "we tried natural methods, but they didn't go well

" The feeling of frustration is beyond expression

Sarahjessicaparker of "sex and the city" and actor husband MatthewBroderick have three sons

The eldest son is born naturally, and the twin sisters are surrogates

They were born in 2009 and are 11 years old in the twinkling of an eye

Ellenpompeo of Grey's intern and her husband's three children are all surrogates, a son and twin daughters

Jessicachastain, a model worker, and gianlucapassidepreposulo, a luxury executive husband, got married in 17 years

In January of 18, they welcomed their daughter, their first child, who was born by surrogacy

The low-key model worker only exposed her daughter's little hand holding a ruby ring and jokingly wrote: "your taste is good!" Two years later, she has grown into a little girl

According to sensiblesurrogacy

According to the data of www


Com, the cost of a surrogate child ranges from 6

$80000 to $14

In the United States, the process of surrogacy needs to go through the following stages: pre pregnancy preparation before the surrogate mother becomes pregnant, she must go through a series of health examinations and long legal procedures to ensure that after the child is born, parents will not have any dispute about the child's rights

Preparation cost: about $3000 pregnancy period: the surrogate mother usually receives remuneration every four weeks, and the monthly remuneration is between $2000 and $3000

Based on 40 weeks of full term, it is estimated to cost between us $80000 and US $120000

Postpartum period: about two weeks after the child is born, the surrogate mother will receive a compensation fee equivalent to about one third of her total remuneration

In other words, if she received $120000 during pregnancy, she would receive a lump sum payment of about $60000

Additional costs: if the client and the surrogate mother do not live in the same city, they also need to pay all relocation costs and living expenses

Other possible additional provisions include the cost of multiple births and caesarean section

According to foreign media reports, the cost for Kardashian's family to surrogate a child is about 180000 US dollars

Childbirth is a complex process

Age, physical condition and environment are all key factors

If anything goes wrong, it will not work

Of course, in addition to the reasons for childbirth, there are also many same-sex couples who choose surrogacy, such as EltonJohn, mattbomer, and so on

The progress of medicine has not only made human reproduction more scientific, but also brought more choices to people in different situations, such as single mothers like Hamasaki

Tama tyrabanks gave birth to her son York through surrogacy in 2016

In August, 2015, actress liuyuling announced on social media that she had welcomed her son Rockwell through surrogacy

She told CBS News: "I didn't expect more

I just decided to do it

" Sure enough, the tiger is my sister Ling! This also makes me think that the greater freedom of single independent women in the future will be the freedom to be mothers? After that, I would like to say that it is reasonable and legal to make a prudent decision

This is the first lesson that parents should teach themselves

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