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Zheng Shuang in the storm: 16 companies have the actual control to endorse Prada and other brands

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China Singapore Jingwei client, January 19 (Xinhua) -- in these two days, hot searches on various social platforms have been occupied by the "big melons" of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng

On January 18, Zheng Shuang's former boyfriend Zhang Heng wrote on his microblog, refuting rumors on the Internet that he borrowed usury and evaded debts, and that he "took care of and protected two young innocent lives" in the United States

Subsequently, the media released two birth certificates provided by Zhang Heng's friend

The documents showed that the legal name of the mother of the two children was "SHANGZHENG" and the name of the father was "hengzhang"

The above informant also provided a recording of the dialogue between Zheng Shuang, Zheng Shuang's parents and Zhang Heng's parents on how to deal with their children

In the recording, one party said that "if the two people are separated, no one can afford to raise them

Just talk to the hospital and give them up

" later, it proposed to find someone to adopt the child after birth

Screenshot of Zhang Heng's microblog at noon on January 19, Zheng Shuang wrote that "I have not violated domestic instructions on China's territory, and I respect all laws and regulations overseas", and said that I have never given up communicating and mediating with the other party

Zheng Shuang's microblog screenshot, however, this response did not calm the public

The chinanews Jingwei client noticed that some brands that Zheng Shuang had previously cooperated with quickly deleted the microblog related to Zheng Shuang to "draw a line"

The share price of Prada "lying gun", a luxury brand endorsed by Zheng Shuang, fell sharply, and Zheng Shuang's own business territory was afraid to be alone

According to the tianyancha app, Zheng Shuang has the actual control over 16 institutions and serves as the legal representative of 7 institutions

At present, 4 have been cancelled and 3 have survived

They are Shanghai gagu Entertainment Development Co

, Ltd

with a registered capital of 1million yuan, Jiujiang Cool Bear film and television culture studio and Jiujiang herding film and television culture studio

Zheng Shuang currently serves as a shareholder in 10 institutions, of which the one with higher registered capital is Shanghai jingguzuo Artificial Intelligence Technology Co

, Ltd

, which was jointly invested and established by him and Zhang Heng in 2018, with a registered capital of 20million yuan, and is mainly engaged in artificial intelligence application software development, big data and other businesses

Zheng Shuang is the first largest shareholder and suspected actual controller of the institution, with a subscribed amount of 13

5 million yuan and a 68% shareholding; Zhang Heng subscribed 6

4 million yuan and held 32% of the shares

At the beginning of 2019, jingguzuo established its subsidiary Shanghai Jingguai Artificial Intelligence Technology Co

, Ltd

, with a registered capital of 10million yuan and a legal representative of Zhang Heng

In addition, Zheng Shuang subscribed RMB 1

25 million in Shanghai Aiyi Information Technology Co

, Ltd

, holding 20% of the shares; The registered capital of the institution is 6

25 million yuan, and its business scope covers computer software and hardware technology development, technical consulting, etc

Zheng Shuang is the second largest shareholder of the institution; It holds 68% of shares in Jiujiang zhengshuang film and Television Culture Co

, Ltd

, with a subscribed amount of 6

8 million yuan

At the beginning of 2020, Zheng Shuang sued Zhang Heng to the court, and the people's Court of Jing'an District of Shanghai accepted the case of Zheng Shuang v

Zhang Heng's private loan dispute

In August and September, Jingguai was successively listed as the person subject to enforcement for breach of trust because he "refused to perform the obligations determined by the effective legal instruments because he was able to perform", and Zhang Heng, the legal person, was therefore restricted from consumption

On January 19, the case of dispute between Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng over private lending was heard in the second instance of Shanghai Second Intermediate People's court

Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng did not appear

On the "Forbes list of Chinese celebrities" published by the Chinese version of Forbes magazine, Zheng Shuang ranked 82nd in 2020 and 67th in 2019

In addition to investment institutions, Zheng Shuang has also dabbled in the fashion industry

In 2019, the clothing brands that Zheng Shuang participated in the design were officially sold online, and the retail price of a T-shirt of "Zheng Shuang's same style" exceeded 200 yuan

According to media reports, the store has sold more than 1200 pieces and more than 200000 yuan in less than 24 hours on the opening day

During the epidemic in 2020, Zheng Shuang, like many artists, started a new sideline of live broadcasting and bringing goods

In June, 2020, Zheng Shuang joined Kwai as the "Star Partner of innovation laboratory"

In August, Zheng Shuang broke down in a live broadcast, and said in the live broadcast that "such live broadcast is too commercialized

I didn't come for a commercial purpose

I didn't want to make money


The share price of the endorsing brand "lying gun" plummeted just seven days before Zhang Heng's document caused public opinion to ferment, the luxury brand Prada officially announced three brand spokesmen through the official microblog, of which Zheng Shuang was one

A screenshot of Prada Weibo Prada Hong Kong shares fell sharply from the afternoon of January 18, falling more than 3% at one time, and the closing price of the day fell 1

70% to 46

HK $20 / share, which fell by more than 3% in the morning trading on the 19th

Netizens commented that "Prada's tears and shares fell in pradaprada"

Under the microblog that Prada official declared Zheng Shuang as the spokesperson, some netizens commented that they hoped that the brand would change the spokesperson as soon as possible and terminate the contract with Zheng Shuang@ Caramel Milk Tea whole sugar to ice: change the spokesperson! Boycott surrogacy boycott abandonment@ Hanhan his mother WHC: change the spokesperson

She is not suitable@ Threeorfour fried chicken legs: I love your share price, and your endorsements still love her@ Loxxsy: not deleted yet? The head is too iron

Prada group's semi annual report shows that the net loss of institutions in the first half of 2020 is 1

800million euros, with a year-on-year decline in revenue of about 40%

According to Prada's announcement on January 5, in the second half of 2020, the impact of the epidemic on retail channels narrowed, while China achieved a 52% sales growth

The chinanews Jingwei client noted that on January 19, Zheng Shuang deleted all microblogs published and forwarded after January 9, including the Prada promotion video that was once the top

At the same time, a message about Zheng Shuang forwarding fashion bazaar has been deleted

At present, the official wechat of fashion bazaar has deleted this message

On the 19th, the CCTV news microblog commented that a former surrogate mother was "returned" and a star suspected of being a surrogate wanted to abandon her child

The exposure of the recording that "I can't beat it, I'm bored to death" is even more outrageous

Surrogacy is forbidden in China, and its disregard for life is heinous: surrogate who gives birth to a boy will be forced to abort a girl; If the fetus is defective or discarded

It is difficult for the law and morality to trample on the bottom line! At present, in addition to Prada, the official microblog of the cosmetics brand zhiyouquan, the watch brand lolarosewatch and the hairdressing brand Aussie, which Zheng Shuang had previously endorsed, could not search the relevant information about Zheng Shuang's endorsement

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