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I just want a baby. How far can surrogate mothers go

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Recently, affected by the Ukrainian Russian crisis, the surrogate industry in Ukraine has been seriously impacted

A large number of surrogate mothers have been stranded in the basement in the suburbs of Kiev, Ukraine, and a large number of pregnant children have been stranded without claims, waiting for the arrival of foreign parents

In Ukraine, the surrogacy industry, as a legal industry, can bring a lot of profits every year

In Ukraine, due to the long-term economic downturn, the average wage level of the local people is only $417, which has led many Ukrainian women to become tools of production for westerners

Ukraine is also known as the "womb of Europe"

The government also holds an ambiguous attitude towards the surrogacy industry

After all, surrogacy can indeed bring high returns

The cost of surrogacy is usually about US $40000

After deducting the commission from the intermediary, the income after the completion of surrogacy is 1

About 50000 US dollars, which is equivalent to the income of ordinary people for three years

In China, surrogacy has always been opposed, and it is also being severely cracked down on

It is expressly prohibited to trade sperm, eggs, fertilized eggs and embryos in any form

However, there have been surrogate news in China

Such as the famous female artist Zheng Shuangzi's surrogacy

In order to keep fit and do not want to endure the hardships of pregnancy, surrogacy was implemented in the United States in March 2019, and two children were successfully born

Once this incident was exposed, it triggered great public opinion

There is no doubt that surrogacy has touched the bottom line of law and social morality

As a public figure, it has also played an adverse demonstration effect

To a certain extent, surrogacy is exclusive to the rich

It borrows the body of a female of the right age to conceive children through money

Xulianglei, a 46 year old talented woman, also made similar remarks

As early as 2017, the frozen eggs in the table were made public

At an appropriate time in the future, they will choose surrogacy to give birth, hoping to give birth to children through pregnancy

At the same time, they also revealed that many friends around them are surrogacy to give birth to children, and said that this is a very common thing

Many friends give birth to twins through surrogacy, and triplets are also very common

Her statement is light and gentle, as if surrogacy is just a common thing, but it can not be ignored that countless women's blood and tears are hidden behind this black industry

On the door of the public toilet, in the wechat group of colleges and universities, there are always small advertisements on the roadside, such as surrogacy, egg donation, baby boy, etc

, which are hidden in corners and corners

The slogan is "no harm to the body, high return"

The return of surrogacy is as high as hundreds of thousands

This also makes some people step into the trap for their interests and go on the road of no return

However, female college students who are simple and lack of money and social experience are often the main group of illegal surrogacy

Under the operation of black heart clinic, they lead to infertility, wound infection and other symptoms, even organ failure, and even death

Similar tragedies are also frequently reported

Surrogacy will not only harm women's physical and mental health, but also damage the legitimate rights and interests of women and children

Surrogacy also means the screening of children

If the child does not meet the needs of the buyer or the child is not healthy enough, where will the child go? When the child is born, he is already an independent individual

Who can pay for this unqualified child? Behind the surrogacy industry is often not only the issue of fertility, but also the sale of people, illegal surrogacy, etc

in capital, it was said that "when the profit reaches 10%, they will be ready to act; when the profit reaches 50%, they will take risks; when the profit reaches 99

99%, they dare to trample all the laws in the world; when the profit reaches 300%, they dare to risk hanging

" When the profit is large enough, it may lead to crime

In the face of huge interests, people's conscience and morality will step back

If the profit of contemporary pregnancy is high enough, it will lead to human trafficking; When human organs can be bought and sold, organ trafficking will occur

When ghost marriage can bring benefits, even corpses can be bought and sold

Some people may think that choosing surrogacy is their own choice, just want a child

But the premise of choice is not to harm the interests of others

The choice based on others' blood and tears is just robbing others' rights and interests

Therefore, in the face of surrogacy, we should resolutely resist it

With more power and determination, the power to eradicate surrogacy will become stronger and stronger