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Surrogate industry chain: the success rate of egg fine selection has been greatly improved

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Sixorseven girls were selected by a couple

They looked at their facial features, measured their height and listened to their conversation

They were like strictly selecting commodities

"We are looking for girls around 20 years old

Eggs at this age are better

" The person in charge of the surrogate agency confidently said that if the egg is good, the price will not be low

It takes 30000 yuan to 100000 yuan to buy such a girl's egg

This is what the CCTV reporter learned from the surrogate agency for half a year

The reason why the price range is so large, the head of the surrogate agency said slightly mysteriously, "the egg donation girls are all college students

At first, they mainly went through the audition at the initial stage of the Internet

You really want to meet

Let's make an appointment again

" In the investigation, the head of several surrogacy agencies told CCTV that surrogacy can not only "borrow" the stomach to have children, but even the eggs can be chosen by you

A large proportion of customers "borrow" their stomachs and buy eggs, and intermediaries are also very willing to serve such "high-end" customers

Because these eggs are carefully selected, the favorable rate of surrogacy will be greatly improved

"She's not beautiful at all

She doesn't have double eyelids and her ears are small

What's better is this, but her only drawback is that her chin is a little up

" In a surrogate agency in Guangzhou, the reporter saw that sixorseven girls were being selected by a couple

They looked at their facial features, measured their height and listened to their conversation, just like strictly selecting goods

Because there are many girls selling eggs, the surrogate agency first sends a large number of photos and materials of girls to customers through the Internet, and then directly meets with girls after narrowing the scope

These materials indicate in detail the girl's educational background, family, height, weight, skin color, blood type, and even her menstrual cycle

In order to make money, the young girl did not hesitate to sell her eggs and the surrogate mother did not hesitate to "lend" her stomach

On the surface, it seems that they are using their own body organs to conduct a "one willing to fight, one willing to suffer" transaction with customers who need children

After in-depth investigation, the reporter found that the surrogate agency is likely to set a trap in this transaction

In contact with a number of surrogate agencies, the reporter saw that most of the girls they contacted for customers to sell their eggs were about 20 years old

Some were just working, many were still in college, and some were even in high school

An 18-year-old girl in senior three told reporters that she was selling eggs to make money to pay off her credit card

The video screenshot intermediary tricked the girls into "donating eggs" at the expense of their sterilization reporters

It was found that many girls did not take the promotion of platoon as one thing and thought it was good to make tens of thousands of yuan

However, when the reporter asked them how to promote the discharge and what harm it did to their health, most of the girls were at a loss

Without knowing the possible risks of promoting ovulation, girls are confused to sell their eggs

The person in charge of a surrogate agency told the reporter with a smile, "it all depends on deception

How can we tell them the harm of promoting the discharge?" Medical experts told reporters that large doses of ovulation induction needles were given before ovulation induction, and the operations in the process of ovulation induction would pose a potential threat to the health of girls

Poor operation will directly affect future fertility and even cause sterilization

The intermediary cooperates with the black clinic to perform the sit down surgery

The whole process has both the belly and the egg source

Next, the sperm provided by the customer should be combined with the eggs purchased, and the artificial embryos should be implanted into the surrogate mother

In the face of the fact that surrogacy is prohibited in regular hospitals, black clinics that specifically connect with intermediaries have emerged

Through a surrogate agency in Guangzhou, the reporter saw another link in the black industrial chain - the surrogate surgery clinic

The clinic is next to an ordinary residential area

There are no signs outside

A person dressed as a nurse, accompanied by the reporter and the intermediary principal, passed through two gates and saw the so-called sperm extraction and drainage room and operating room for surrogacy

It seems that the conditions of this clinic are very poor, but a doctor in charge of surrogacy surgery told reporters that their conditions are OK in this industry

It is understood that there is only one doctor in this black surrogate clinic who is responsible for surgery and sitting down

Many surrogate agencies he cooperates with should report and consult the surrogate mother who has been pregnant through surrogate surgery in a timely manner

During the reporter's investigation, there were several intermediaries outside the clinic waiting for information

In order to arrange the order, they also guessed the fist

Video screenshot: Bao gave birth to a boy of 1million

In order to obtain greater benefits, the reporter found that many intermediary agencies were doing surrogate business wantonly in the investigation, and even advertised "Bao smooth, Bao gave birth to a boy of 1million

" Most surrogate mothers come from poor rural families, thinking that as long as they give birth to another child, they can get more than 100000 yuan

They don't think that their pregnant children may be forcibly knocked out by the intermediary because of gender selection

The person in charge of a surrogate agency said that it was very cruel for a boy to make a surrogate bag

Once he found out that it was a girl, he had to have an abortion

"Then immediately arrange another person

Once a customer did it four times

The fifth time was the boy

His face was green at that time

" After a long time of contact with surrogate agencies, the reporter found that surrogate mothers who are pregnant and waiting to give birth generally live in various residential areas arranged by the agencies, and there are special personnel responsible for their food, housing and transportation

It seems to be an ordinary collective life, but in fact, the surrogate has lost his personal freedom and has become a "machine" for intermediary agencies to make money

In the investigation on the cross regional collectivization operation of the surrogate one-child intermediary with a profit of 400000 yuan, the reporter found that the rich profits attracted more and more surrogate intermediaries to join, and some of them were even in the cross regional collectivization operation

The surrogate agency told the reporter that the client was pregnant smoothly, and there were all over the country who entered the labor waiting process

The surrogacy agency calculated an account for the reporter: they were pregnant with more than 200 children in the first decade

They planed the cost of buying eggs and finding a surrogate mother, and then planed the operating expenses for the black clinic

If the surrogacy was successful, they could earn more than 400000 yuan per order

To put an end to black surrogacy, we need to improve the level of legislation and intensify punishment

It is understood that China's Health Department promulgated and implemented the measures for the management of human assisted reproductive technology and the measures for the management of human sperm bank in 2001

The two Measures stipulate that the sale of sperm, eggs and embryos in any form is prohibited, and all kinds of surrogacy are strictly prohibited

However, the surrogate website grandly advertises on the Internet, but few departments manage it

At present, the health department can only manage doctors and medical institutions, and the cooperation of industry and commerce, public security, industry and information technology and other departments is required for websites and intermediaries to form a joint force for governance

How to ban illegal surrogacy, access to also urgently need to improve the level of legislation, increase the punishment of surrogacy and other illegal acts