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"Hide and seek" surrogate mother says she will spend her whole life searching for her son

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Beijing, Zhengzhou, September 13 (reporter men jiedan) recently, the surrogate mother traveled thousands of miles to Zhengzhou to find her son has attracted much public attention

On September 13, the reporter learned from an interview that the surrogate mother had not seen the child for more than ten days, and even the real whereabouts of the child had not been implemented, making it difficult to find the child

Although she was often in tears after being hit, she firmly said that she would spend her life looking for it

"If I was wrong before, I am willing to accept punishment, but now I want to make up for my mistakes and give my children maternal love

" In 2012, Yujuan (not her real name), a 25-year-old Jilin Changchun native who was seeking for a child for thousands of miles, was lured by the online information of "giving birth to 170000 boys and 160000 girls" and went to Zhengzhou to become a surrogate mother through artificial insemination

Half way regret, she secretly ran back to her hometown when she was 8 months pregnant

On February 17 this year, Yu Juan gave birth to a boy in her hometown, but the child was forcibly taken away by a surrogate agency before she reached the full moon

Although Yu Juan received 170000 yuan in full, her maternal instinct became stronger and stronger

She wanted to find her child

On September 2, Yujuan traveled thousands of miles to Zhengzhou to find her son

The surrogate agency has long disappeared, and the child's father also plays hide and seek

After 12 days of traveling, the child still has no information, and it is extremely difficult to find a child

On the morning of the 13th, when the reporter met Yu Juan in Zaozhuang, an urban village in Zhengzhou City, she was standing in the alley where the former surrogate agency was located, questioning a woman, and excitedly telling the onlookers about her wish to find her child and make the best of her maternal love

Many onlookers were whispering

"When I was a surrogate, she gave me artificial insemination

When I was pregnant, she took me to have a B-ultrasound

" Yujuan pointed to the middle-aged woman in front of her, but she said she didn't know where the child was

Despite Yu Juan's questioning and anxiety, the middle-aged woman kept silent

Under the stalemate, Yujuan called the police

While waiting for the police to call the police, Yu Juan showed the reporter the photos and birth information registration cards of the children she carried with her, and talked about her surrogacy and child search

"I know his name, mobile phone, address and office location, but I can't find anyone now

" Yujuan said that after she went to Zhengzhou as a surrogate in the name of working last year, she met with a male client who needed a surrogate to have children

She knew that the other client was a lawyer

She was 50 years old

When she went to find him in his unit a few days ago, the staff said that he was on a business trip

Later, when she went again, she found that his photo and name were missing on the display board

The staff said that there was no such person

He went to the community where he lived and was told that he had just moved

"He evaded me and didn't answer his cell phone

" The surrogate agent also disappeared

Although she found the relevant woman now, she did not know when she asked, which made Yujuan very angry and helpless

The surrogate agency said that "as an intermediary, she can be worthy of both parties"

Then the police took Yu Juan and the woman to Liulin police station in Zhengzhou, because Yu Juan had already reported to the police station when she arrived in Zhengzhou on September 2

Under the notice of the police, the man who was the former head of the surrogate agency rushed to be sent

As soon as the two sides met, the dispute broke out

Yujuan asks who the surrogate agent gave his child to and where the child is now? The person in charge of the surrogacy agency thought that Yu Juan was sorry for her betrayal

"As for the terms they negotiated, I was just a middleman

Later, they each got what they wanted

The man got the woman's children and the woman got the man's money

" The person in charge of the surrogate agency said that as an intermediary, he did not violate his conscience and was worthy of both of them

"If I do this thing, if it is illegal, I will bear as much responsibility as I should

I did it wrong

I shouldn't just say that I arranged this thing

I won't arrange it any more in the future

" The person in charge of the surrogate agency told the reporter that recently, after Yu Juan came to the door, he also tried to help her find it

"I can't help it if people don't see me


Yujuan now wants to find her children

It's Yujuan's business whether she is through the media, the public security, or even the court

The surrogate mother said that "if she wants to make up for her child with maternal love, she will spend her whole life looking for it

" now that I see other people's children, I will miss my own children, and I can't control it

After all, she was born in October, and it's her own flesh! " Yujuan said that during pregnancy, when the child kicked in her stomach, her mother's love instinct was awakened

With the growth of pregnancy months and the birth of the child, mother's love gradually accumulated and became stronger

In order to be a surrogate, she went back and forth quietly, her boyfriend broke up, her mother "hated" her, she was seriously ill, and even she would be unable to have another child in the future

Her experiences and upcoming experiences made her feel that it was not easy for her to have a child

"I was blinded by money and made a mistake

Now I regret it

I want to use maternal love to make up for my children

Is it wrong again? As a mother, I have no right to see my children?" During the interview, Yu Juan repeatedly asked back in tears

She felt at a loss and helpless

But the idea of finding children has not been shaken by many obstacles

"I will spend my whole life looking for it, even if I beg along the streets in Zhengzhou," he said with an incomparable firmness

She hoped that the father of the child would stop hiding, "you can hide from me for a year or two, or even ten or eight years, but you can't hide for a lifetime


Yujuan told reporters that she had consulted a lawyer and wanted to protect her rights and interests through the law

However, considering that the child is still young, she doesn't want to make a big fuss about it

She is afraid of having an impact on the child

She hopes that the child's father can think from the perspective of a mother, and be brave enough to stand up and bear the mistakes

Lawyer: the surrogate mother needs to recover the child and is protected by law

Chang Baiyang, a lawyer of Henan Boyang law firm, believes that the domestic law stipulates that the body or organ cannot be the subject matter of the sale, so surrogacy is illegal and not protected by law, and the surrogate agreement is invalid

Surrogacy itself has a certain impact on the destruction of social ethics and family relations

It does not conform to the traditional moral and ethical values and violates social customs

Changbaiyang said that the surrogate mother is protected by law to retrieve her child because she is related to her child by blood

It is a kind of tort for intermediary agencies to forcibly take away children

She can ask the agency to return the child and return the money at the same time

Legally speaking, both men and women who are pregnant should bear the obligation to bring up their children

With regard to the custody of children, if the two parties fail to reach an agreement through consultation, it can be resolved by law

The child is relatively small and is usually raised by the woman

If the child is raised by the man, the woman has the right to visit the child, and no one may obstruct it

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