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The man gave birth to a child by abdomen, but the surrogate mother came to fight for custody! The court finally ruled th

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Original title: a man gives birth to a child through an abdomen, but a surrogate mother comes to fight for custody! In the end, the court ruled that the two-and-a-half-year-old boy Tiantian (a pseudonym) didn't know his special life experience until recently, when he met his mother Lingling (a pseudonym) for the first time, and Tiantian also resisted his biological mother

What happened to make the mother child relationship so strange? It turned out that Lingling was the father of a surrogate mother Tiantian


Wang met the Northeast woman Lingling through the Internet at the age of 35, but unlike other parents, Tiantian's parents had never been in love and married

They met in the "surrogate group" for the purpose of having only one child! Tiantian's father said that at that time, the two had settled the terms and paid the price of a small house in the northeast

Lingling began her "work" as a surrogate

During this period, Lingling received "salary" from Mr

Wang according to the "progress" until the end of 2016

The full moon was a good day for the whole family, but for Tiantian, the full moon meant the separation of mother and child, because Lingling completed her "project" after the full moon according to the agreement of both parties The final payment, closing the accounts, leaving, and never bothering each other

According to Lingling, it rained all day in Shanghai on the day she left the child

Her mood seemed as gloomy as this weather

On the 100th day of every day, Lingling specially arrived in Shanghai from her hometown in Changchun

After getting Tiantian's father's consent, she took a look at the child

But this look made her unable to let go

Although she knew that surrogacy was wrong, she was pregnant in October Two months later, Lingling took Mr

Wang to court to fight for the custody of the child

After lengthy investigation and trial, the first instance In the second instance, Lingling's request was rejected and Tiantian was awarded to Mr


But within a few months, Lingling took Mr

Wang to court again

This time, what she wanted was the child's visitation right

This case once made the judges of the court feel that Lingling was the child's mother and could visit the child

But Mr

Wang's concern was not unreasonable because Tiantian's parents were not married, No feelings, no common relatives and friends, or even where the other party lives

Once Lingling leaves with her child during the visit, where should Mr

Wang go to find the child? Finally, the judges found another way to introduce a third-party visiting mechanism

Lingling must be accompanied by the social workers of the Sunshine Center to meet with Tiantian

In this way, my mother can get rid of the pain of Acacia and my father's worries

The court finally ruled that Lingling, accompanied by a third party, paid a monthly visit to Tiantian

Now, Tiantian has begun to meet her mother regularly

During his second visit, he was timid and cautious every day

For the first time, he called "Mom"

It can be seen that he has slowly accepted this strange aunt and gradually developed the concept of "Mom"

I hope children can grow up healthily and happily every day! Editor: sunminghui, please tell us what you think of responsible editor: