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Deceased donates womb to help American woman give birth

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[Xinhua News Agency's wechat release] an American woman, jennifergobrecht, received a uterus from a late helper through transplantation

She and her husband attended a press conference in Philadelphia on the 9th to thank them for bringing their son to the womb transplant

Gebrecht, 33, was born without a uterus

In 2018, he received a uterus transplant at Pennsylvania State Medical College

In November last year, he gave birth to a baby boy Benjamin by cesarean section

In her opinion, her son is a "miracle"

Pennsylvania State Medical College said that in the two years since the hospital launched the uterus transplantation program, Benjamin was the first child born with the help of this program, the eighth child conceived through the transplanted uterus in the United States, and the second child successfully conceived in the uterus of a deceased helper in the United States

The Associated Press reported that about one in every 4500 women has female genital tract malformation syndrome, that is, normal ovarian function but abnormal uterine development or no uterus

Gobrecht is one such patient

She and her husband had sought to have offspring through in vitro fertilization and surrogacy, and later learned about the uterus transplantation program of Pennsylvania State Medical College

Pennsylvania State Medical College said that because of the risk of rejection, women receiving uterine transplantation often have their uterus removed after childbirth

The hospital will follow up the women receiving uterine transplantation for 5 to 10 years

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