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The trouble caused by "surrogate", Zheng Shuangbei's pot

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After learning that Zheng Shuang was a person and that this incident originated from drawing with her baby, she chatted with Bao Ma, who went to class, about "Zheng Shuang's surrogacy and abandonment"

I was confused

At first, I felt disconnected from the society and didn't know anything; Then ponder, who is Zheng Shuang? What does it have to do with me? Immediately relieved

However, within two days of this relief, the editor in chief made a speech to let everyone express their views on this news

It would be better to have a solution

Alas, it seems that the Zheng Shuang incident is something I can't get around

Gossip is not a table, enter the topic

Although I know little about the Zheng Shuang incident, and I have no impression of the person, but I look at the essence through the phenomenon and remove the numerous and complicated clues

We find the essence of the incident: surrogacy

Adding the attribute to it is "the star finds a surrogate", and adding some extension to it is "the star finds a surrogate and then abandons it"

In this way, it really has nothing to do with Zheng Shuang, and "Zheng Shuang" is just a specific category of "stars"

So let's look at the essence - surrogacy

It can be analyzed from three aspects: medical perspective, ethical principles and laws and regulations

From the medical point of view, "surrogacy" probably comes from the following two aspects: 1

The mother itself has defects and does not have the congenital conditions for pregnancy; If there is no uterus or abnormal uterus; 2

The mother suffers from the medical taboo symptoms of pregnancy

If she is not suitable for pregnancy, her life will be endangered

It is deduced that "surrogacy" is one of the ways that people who want to become parents have to do from a medical point of view

Because there is at least one way to be a parent: adoption

So what is the difference between "surrogacy" and "adoption"? On the surface, the difference seems to lie in blood relationship

Surrogacy seems to have a certain blood relationship with the mother who wants to become a mother, while adoption can basically exclude any blood relationship with parents (of course, the adoption of children between relatives is not included)

So let's see if "surrogacy" is classified from a medical point of view


Traditional surrogacy refers to putting the male sperm into the female body by artificial insemination and combining it with the surrogate's egg

The child born in this situation has a genetic relationship with the surrogate

In essence, it is "borrowing the palace +"

Note: this surrogate has no blood relationship with the mother who wants to be a mother


Pregnancy surrogacy is a process in which the sperm and eggs of both husband and wife form a fertilized egg, and then the fertilized egg is implanted into the surrogate's uterus

Of course, this kind of surrogacy came into being only after the medical community had the technology of test tube baby

Pregnancy surrogacy, in essence, is equivalent to "renting" the surrogate's uterus, and the surrogate has no genetic relationship with the child, that is, borrowing the uterus + No

At this time, the surrogate is the mother of the child in the legal sense, and the mother who raises the child is the biological mother of the child (it's really windy, the head is big)

Based on the above analysis, it can be seen that the first kind of surrogacy is not very different from adoption for mothers who want to be mothers but have no fertility

The bigger difference is that it is genetically related to their fathers

Therefore, only from the medical point of view, pregnancy surrogacy is the only choice for mothers who want to have their own children but have no fertility

Since it is the only one, why not choose surrogate? Why has the public remarked on the word "surrogate"? Comment and comment? Let's look at the impact of surrogacy from an ethical point of view

Let's talk about traditional surrogacy

The child is genetically related to the surrogate and the legal father who requires surrogacy, but has no genetic relationship with the legal mother who requires surrogacy

In this sense, the legal mother is more like a "stepmother"

Not to mention the stepmother's own mental confusion, we can imagine that it would be uncomfortable to put it on anyone

After all, my man and a woman I don't know gave birth to their own child, but I am responsible for raising the child

"Raising" is the word, but my mother should be responsible for it for at least ten years

During this period, it is inevitable that there will be bad times for children, and there will inevitably be moments of emotional irritability

Then insiders, even dads, are likely to say that you are not your own mother, so you will treat your children like this

Just thinking about it so casually, you feel that this is a very uneconomical and thankless thing! In case you meet another unreasonable surrogate, you either want to see your own child from time to time - although this is human nature, or you have a crush on the surrogate's family and want to replace it, OhMyGod! From the point of view of the legal mother, it is simply unimaginable! The original intention is to have a child, but it is possible to have an existing marriage and life for this! From the perspective of the surrogate, whether traditional or pregnancy surrogacy, after all, she was pregnant in October

Once she gave birth, she had formed a kind of family dispute with her child, but she was told to separate from her child and become someone else's child

This "falling flesh" inevitably did not hurt her and inevitably did not make her have a whim

How to overcome this emotional barrier? Apart from the medical point of view of infertility, what is more controversial is "commercial surrogacy"

Just like the Zheng Shuang incident, I believe that a large part of the public's controversy lies in "commerce", and the reason why CCTV blocked Zheng Shuang should also be mainly in "commerce"

Let's take a look at the psychological activities, or ideological activities, of the public

"You're great if you have money? You don't have to have children by yourself?" "As a star, do you know what it means to set an example? For the sake of body and beauty, you don't even need to be a woman!" Forget it

It doesn't matter how the public will condemn Zheng Shuang anymore

What matters is whether this surrogate can be commercialized

Let's imagine that if it can be commercialized, the womb of women, including the child, will be commercialized

That is to say, people can be exchanged or bought and sold as commodities, and people will eventually be materialized

Can we deduce that buying and selling children is also reasonable and legal? Further derivation, is human trafficking also reasonable and legal? Oh, this has come to the point of whether surrogacy conforms to the laws and regulations

Assuming that surrogacy can be allowed, relevant laws and regulations must be issued to ensure that the interests of both surrogacy parties can be fair and reasonable

But you see, if surrogacy is established, China's existing law on the protection of the rights and interests of women and children is obviously no longer applicable, and some provisions still contradict surrogacy

Not to mention whether the "spear" or the "shield" is important, we can only choose one, that is, we must revise it to adapt to the "legal surrogacy"

However, the reality is that China does not recognize surrogacy, and it is impossible to legalize it for the time being

And I won't immediately start relevant legal provisions because of Zheng Shuang

Some people say that surrogacy is indeed allowed in some relatively "developed" countries, and relevant laws and regulations have also been formulated

Yes, the United States boasts freedom, but only some states legislate to recognize surrogacy

This has also led to the birth of related industries

For example, when seeking surrogacy, relevant lawyers and insurance institutions are required to participate in the signing of contracts, which requires lawyers with professional knowledge of third-party fertility

In addition, Russia, Greece, Ukraine and gruyaji are currently fully legal domestic commercial surrogacy in Europe, and these domestic laws clearly stipulate that surrogacy is legal

Of course, there will be some differences

Oh, it seems to be a bit off the topic

Let's put it this way

Existence is reasonable, but rationality does not mean legality

Since surrogacy is reasonably legalized in these countries, can we suggest Zheng Shuang to immigrate to these countries and then legalize surrogacy? I think this is a more appropriate solution that I can come up with, and there is no prejudice or irrationality, and it will not involve any privacy of Zheng Shuang, nor will it make any comments on her and related people

So far, the event has ended

After checking, it is said on the Internet that India has become a "baby factory" producing life because of commercial surrogacy

In India, the purpose of commercial surrogacy is only to improve the living conditions of the surrogate through surrogacy

However, the actual situation is that the surrogate mothers did not get the due remuneration, and instead let the surrogate intermediary earn dividends

Let's illustrate with data

For couples who need surrogacy, the cost of surrogacy for a child is about $22400, and each surrogate mother receives only about $8000

Therefore, although many people really need surrogacy in reality, in order not to make surrogacy a tool for profit, and in order not to have one baby factory after another in the world, let us work together to avoid touching this ethical red line