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Russia hopes to arrange for Chinese parents to take back their surrogate babies

2022-09-02 11:22 browse:

Russia hopes to organize a special humanitarian flight so that foreign parents can still pick up their children from Russian surrogate mothers

The parents were unable to travel because of the outbreak measures

Russian authorities say dozens of Chinese babies are stranded in Russia

Russia can provide visas for Chinese parents and hopes to arrange humanitarian flights from the Chinese capital Beijing

In St

Petersburg, Russia alone, there are 30 registered children, some of whom are now taken care of in orphanages

However, there are surrogate babies out of the sight of the authorities

On February 20 this year, Russia refused Chinese tourists to enter Russia

The authorities in charge of fighting the virus in Russia reported that these are Chinese who want to enter Russia for private purposes such as work, education and tourism

At that time, it was said that this was a temporary measure and its duration was unclear

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