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Russia plans to legislate to prohibit surrogacy. Another country has banned surrogacy. Foreign countries are surrogate t

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The so-called "surrogacy" means that a fertilized egg develops and matures with the help of the uterus of other women until the baby is born

Surrogacy has been making a lot of noise in the international public opinion field

Mascherano Ronaldo Zheng Shuang and other domestic and foreign stars have been involved in the surrogacy storm

In China and most other countries, surrogacy is forbidden

Of course, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand and other countries allow surrogacy

Due to the influence of public opinion caused by surrogacy, India and Thailand banned foreign commercial surrogacy in 2012 and 2015 respectively

Just this year, the parliamentary group of the Russian Duma also drafted a draft law, which will prohibit surrogacy by foreigners and single men

According to Russian RT news, the draft was discussed at a working meeting led by deputy speaker pyotrtolstoy on January 20, 2021 local time in Russia

The draft states: "in order to prevent 'trafficking in children', only couples who have Russian nationality or government residence permits and are under the age of 25 after marriage have the right to use Russian surrogacy services

According to the provisions of the Russian doctors' conference, Russian men cannot use surrogacy services without marriage

The draft also establishes a rule that prohibits businesses from placing surrogacy advertisements

" This means that after India and Thailand, Russia has completely blocked the door of commercial surrogacy

As early as 2019, some members of the "surrogacy capital Ukraine" also proposed a bill to prohibit surrogacy, but they did not receive much response, and the proposal was not settled

As far as Ukraine is concerned, it is a country with more serious and poorer population outflows in Europe

Ukraine needs surrogate babies to fill a large number of population outflows

At the same time, the industry derived from surrogacy has brought a lot of financial revenue to Ukraine

It is unacceptable for Ukraine's surrogacy to break its wrists

Therefore, up to now, Ukraine has allowed the existence of foreign commercial surrogacy

Although the BBC has reported the news of surrogacy in Ukraine for many times, The exposure of such negative issues as abandonment of newborns and women as reproductive tools did not make Ukraine prohibit surrogacy, but let more people know the channel of surrogacy in Ukraine, which in turn boosted the development of surrogacy in Ukraine and made Ukraine a larger "surrogacy capital" in the world

By the time of the outbreak, hundreds of foreign newborns had been detained in one Ukrainian Hospital of BTC alone (the video was broadcast on YouTube in millions)

You should know that it is just the tip of the iceberg

There are hundreds of reproductive hospitals in Ukraine and tens of thousands of surrogate babies

People from all over the world brought money to Ukraine for surrogacy, and these real gold and silver also fed back Ukraine's medical level in disguise

The world's first four generation test tube baby was born in Ukraine, and Ukraine's stem cell technology has also been applied to test tube clinic

It is used as a life-saving straw by older couples with poor ovarian function

It is hard to imagine that these highly professional Ukrainian hospitals are all from the Ukrainian surrogacy industry: BTC hospital: it is the first Ukrainian hospital to carry out commercial surrogacy

As early as 2008, it carried out commercial surrogacy services in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine

Now, more than 10000 surrogacy babies are in biotex hospital

This is incredible medical data in any country

On August 18, 2015, annegretraunigk, a 65 year old German citizen, gave birth to quadruplets

She donated eggs and sperm

During pregnancy, she refused to reduce the fetus

Three of the quadruplets were born without any difficulties

The fourth one needed rehabilitation treatment, but now she is completely healthy

As an earlier commercial surrogate hospital, BTC hospital has a perfect service chain and a large number of cases and experience, which can ensure that every patient has no worries in the whole process of seeing a doctor

Isida hospital: isida clinic is a large hospital for infertility treatment services in Ukraine, with 90 medical and nursing staff

The clinic operates according to the European treatment scheme, while maintaining the individualized method for each patient

Meticulous service and emotion are a major factor affecting pregnancy

Isida hospital is also equipped with special psychological consultants

The clinic operates according to the European treatment scheme while maintaining an individualized approach for each patient

It is worth mentioning that isida clinic obtained the certificate of international medical certification according to qhatrend in 2016, which is a certificate with high gold content

Militta hospital: a comprehensive hospital composed of LITA hospital + reproductive center + stem cell laboratory

The increasing donor database and reasonable prices are one of the reasons why many foreign patients choose Marita reproductive center

The hospital is committed to building a team of expert doctors, which includes the directors of the pre reproductive Department of Adonis, IPF, ilaya and other hospitals

Among them, Dr

maksym participated in the clinical research of the first four generation test tube in Ukraine, and has been committed to studying the problem of autogamy of older couples

28 SCI articles were included in the medical journal

When Dr

maksym worked as the reproductive director of IPF hospital, the rate of autogamy was 68%, which was a satisfactory result

MC hospital: it is a large chain hospital in Ukraine, with three branches, the left bank branch, the right bank branch and obolon medical center

Left bank hospital the left bank hospital is located on the left bank of the Dnieper River in Kiev and opened in September, 2011

This is a modern and well-equipped medical center and the only reproductive medicine clinic on the left bank

In addition to infertility treatment, under absolutely safe conditions, using the equipment produced by the world's leading manufacturers, Dr

kotlikvolodymyr of the hospital has pH

D。 Medical degree and more than 20 medical research achievements

Is the author of the treatment of post oophorectomy syndrome

Although surrogacy is legal in the United States and Ukraine, it is expressly prohibited in China

Because surrogacy involves ethical issues, and organs cannot be bought or sold in China, how to define the female uterus and the baby born by surrogacy has been strictly controlled in China

However, there are still many "black surrogacy institutions", and accidents are very easy to occur in the process of surrogacy, resulting in women losing their reproductive function, causing both physical and mental blows, and a series of social problems

Moreover, many surrogacy women do not have much knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth, which can easily lead to abnormal fetal development and eventually be abandoned

China does not open surrogacy in order to protect women and children, but also to prevent young women from being abducted and forced to surrogate after the opening of surrogacy

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