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Surrogacy is no longer a new topic. Do you still remember the "bloody" Kami incident in Thailand?

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Original title: surrogacy is no longer a new topic

Do you still remember the "bloody" Kami incident in Thailand? Surrogacy is no longer a new topic

What is surrogacy? (Surrogacy)? Surrogacy refers to the act that a fertile woman conceives and gives birth to children by in vitro fertilization instead of an infertile couple

Fertilization can use the sperm and eggs of both husband and wife, or either husband and wife can combine with the sperm or eggs of other helpers, and then implant the baby embryo into the womb of the surrogate woman

The child thus born is the legal child of the husband and wife

According to whether there is genetic association between the surrogate woman and her children and whether the surrogate pays remuneration, surrogacy can also be divided into: full surrogacy (), partial surrogacy (), free surrogacy and paid surrogacy

As early as 2014, the Australian couple davidfarnell and wenyuli found a surrogate mother in Thailand and gave birth to twins

Later, the twin boy gammy was abandoned because he had Down syndrome and returned to Australia with a healthy girl

(while the boy's Thai surrogate mother has been raising and caring for the abandoned gammy) do you remember the crazy event in 2018 that the Japanese rich second generation found a surrogate mother in Thailand to give birth to 13 children and planned to have 1000 children in their lifetime? Subsequently, the story of the abandonment of the surrogate babygammy caused an uproar after it was reported by the media, and the Australian Prime Minister also pointed out that this behavior was inhuman; Japan's rich second generation finally won the custody of 13 surrogate children, and "preliminarily" realized the dream of a big family full of children

So, is surrogacy legal in Thailand? In Thailand, there are surrogacy, but it must be carried out within the scope of the law

After the gammy incident and the Carmen incident, Thailand issued the law on the protection of babies produced by assisted reproductive technology (2015) [hereinafter referred to as the surrogacy law, protectionofachildbornbymedicallyassistedreproducivetechnology act, B


2558)] to protect infertile couples, enable them to have children through assisted reproductive technology within the scope permitted by law, and protect these children, It is strictly forbidden for couples to abandon the children produced by surrogacy, and it is strictly forbidden to use surrogacy for profit, buy and sell sperm and eggs

Reply to the "surrogacy law" at the front desk of the [Hujiang Thai] official account, and you can download the full text of the surrogacy law in Thai and English





2558 in Thailand, if you want legal surrogacy, you must carry out it in accordance with the relevant regulations of the surrogacy Law: the husband and wife who have the right to carry out surrogacy activities should be legal and infertile husband and wife, and the sperm or eggs required for surrogacy can be the sperm or eggs of the legal husband and wife who entrust the surrogacy, or the sperm or eggs provided by others, but the surrogate woman shall not lift the eggs; Surrogacy is not allowed for single women, single men, men and women who live together but have not officially registered their marriage, and homosexuals

This law also prohibits acts: commercial surrogacy is prohibited, and employers and intermediaries are prohibited from seeking any benefit from surrogacy women for others, or charging surrogacy fees

Otherwise, it will constitute a criminal offence

Who can be a surrogate mother in Thailand- It must be a relative who is related by blood to either of the husband and wife, but it cannot be a parent or child who is related by blood to both parties

If there are no other blood relatives, the law allows other women to act as surrogate mothers; -- Children must have been born

If the surrogate mother is married, the consent of the husband is required before surrogacy; –- The surrogate mother cannot provide her own eggs for surrogacy, so as to protect the biological genetic relationship and avoid the emotional connection between the pregnant mother and the baby

However, driven by interests, the promulgation of laws still can not prevent some lawbreakers from taking risks in order to seek high interests

? "?"?? The continuous occurrence of "surrogacy" in Thailand is mainly caused by economic problems

Women who are willing to accept surrogacy need a large amount of money to be used in other areas, and this kind of transaction, which only requires "eating and sleeping well" for nine months and can easily get a return without having a relationship with others, has become one of their choices, and it can not be said that their behavior is wrong

Moreover, these surrogate women are ordinary pregnant women when they go out, and there is no way to distinguish whether she is a surrogate or not

Only when the police have the relevant evidence to arrest them will they know their identity

It is hoped that families who want children can adopt orphans to replace surrogacy, because later they will find that it is difficult to control

Before the relevant laws were amended in Thailand, commercial surrogacy was rampant, either overtly or covertly

However, after the promulgation of the surrogacy law and other relevant laws and regulations, foreigners are prohibited from carrying out commercial surrogacy in Thailand, and the environment and requirements for surrogacy are improved

It is indeed a heavy hammer for illegal commercial surrogacy, but the ethical and moral discussion behind surrogacy has never stopped

Although there is a special law on surrogacy in Thailand, surrogacy may be a blessing for infertile families in Thailand

However, in China, surrogacy is always an illegal and criminal matter

Surrogacy in any form is prohibited in China

The illegal and commercial surrogacy industry chain must be prohibited and severely punished

Otherwise, this matter will become another shackle of exploitation and oppression of women

At that time, it will be too late for everyone to be in danger

Later, let's take a look at the statement of the Thai media on how to popularize "surrogacy": This article is compiled and collated in Hujiang Thai, and the material is from thairath and posttoday

It cannot be reproduced without permission

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