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Uncover the black market of egg Trading: the selling price is 20000 to 60000, and the value of education determines the

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Click the picture to enter the next page of the surrogate and advertisement at the entrance of the reproductive medicine center of the Third Hospital of Peking University

Photographed by sun Zhao, reporter of chinayouth

com, Beijing, October 31   (trainee reporter zhangruiyu) not long ago, the report that a 17-year-old girl in Guangzhou donated eggs to promote the discharge of 21 dangerous and fatal eggs once again made the black market of underground egg donation surface

The reporter has not yet obtained relevant data from underground egg donation institutions

However, according to the statistics in 2015, there are more than 40million infertile women in China, and about 3million women of childbearing age need assisted reproduction

The domestic formal egg bank is far from meeting the demand

How big is the underground egg trading market? At present, even for ordinary people, it is not difficult to contact an underground egg donation institution

It is located near the reproductive medicine center of the third Peking Medical College, Huayuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, on the sidewalk and overpass “ Egg donation& ldquo;& rdquo;、& ldquo; Surrogacy ” The small advertisement stretches for hundreds of meters

On the Internet, just search “ Egg donation ” Or “ Buy eggs ”, A large number of intermediaries can also be found

Some intermediaries clearly offered 20000 to 60000

In the post bars of some universities in Beijing and Shanghai, the reporter also found many “ Ask for love and donate eggs ” The post of “ Nutrition fee ” 10000 to 30000

The selling price of eggs is determined by the educational background and appearance of the egg donor

Click the picture to enter the next page and chat with the intermediary

Photographed by sun Zhao, a reporter of China youth

com, on October 17, the reporter of China youth

com retrieved “ Egg donation& ldquo; Beijing ” Keywords three QQ groups of egg donation in Beijing were found and tried to join, but failed to pass the verification

Two hours later, the network name is “ IVF center ” QQ account sent a message, saying it was an intermediary who contacted egg donors and egg buyers

The reporter expressed the hope to donate eggs as a newly graduated college student, and provided a personal basic information as required, including occupation, education background, major, graduation school, weight, blood type, skin color, face type, eyes, menstrual leave, more satisfactory places in facial features, special hobbies, gender preferences, etc

After receiving the reporter's personal information, the intermediary further asked the reporter to send 4 recent photos and academic certificates to customers

The intermediary said that the academic certificate will be verified on xuexin


The appearance of the egg donor is not very important

The customer values the academic degree

In addition, don't be a virgin, don't take contraceptives more recently, don't work and rest irregularly, and don't smoke and drink

The intermediary reminded that the above items can be found out according to the physical examination

I hope the egg donor will respect himself

The reporter provided the academic certificate of a 985 University and gave a “ Ideal price ”

From the intermediary “ Egg donation precautions ” It says: “ Education is not sweet enough, the price will be low; If you don't look good enough and have enough education, you can only donate blindly (blind donation refers to not seeing customers, not one-to-one)& rdquo; As the blood type filled in by the reporter is ab, the intermediary said that AB blood type is too rare

Only if one of the husband and wife is AB blood type or one a and one B will choose the reporter as the egg source

Many customers will still be troublesome and will not consider it

Usually in Beijing, I see customers go to other places to promote drainage

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There are intensive surrogacy and advertising near the reproductive medicine center of the Third Hospital of Peking University

Sun Zhao, a reporter from China youth

com, told the reporter that the meeting between egg donors and egg purchasers is usually arranged for a period of time before the donor's official holiday

When the official holiday comes, the injection of anti-dumping drugs should be started, lasting for 10 to 13 days until the promotion of anti-dumping

For the egg donation physical examination, it is said that the examination is conducted in the regular outpatient service, mainly for diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and none of them is qualified

For the related operation of promoting emission, it is called “ Own private hospital ” In other places, the injection of ovulation induction solution is also privately prepared by doctors, but they do not want to disclose the specific situation of the hospital and the solution

He also said that the travel expenses for promoting drainage and drainage should be paid by himself, because there are too many cheaters, and they will only be reimbursed after taking the eggs

The reporter said that he didn't want to go to other places because he wanted to go to other hospitals

According to the intermediary, there are few customers in Beijing who need eggs

I hope the reporter can reduce the price

And said that once the egg buyer was found, the reporter would be arranged to meet with the customer

The reporter asked other egg donors, who said that many students and low-income groups, “ Because the money comes quickly &rdquo& ldquo; You can donate threeorfour times

You can donate after three months

However, in order to ensure the quality, it is generally recommended to donate after half a year ”

Based on the personal conditions of the journalists and the requirements that the journalists do not go to other places to promote emission reduction, the two sides finally negotiated 5


The intermediary stressed that if you donate eggs in a regular hospital, the price is only 5000 yuan

After the transaction between the buyer and the seller “ Old age and death do not contact ” Click on the picture to enter the next page of Park Plaza Beijing Hotel, where the egg supplier and the egg supplier meet

Three days after sun Zhao, a reporter from China youth

com, took the photo, the intermediary arranged a meeting between the reporter and the customer in a hotel

After the female client arrived at the scene and simply confirmed the reporter's achievements, educational background, age of relatives and other information, she asked the reporter to go to the nearby Jiaen Deyun hospital for B-ultrasound

The female client told the reporter that the intermediaries usually have their own private hospitals for egg excretion and test tube baby

There are many in the south

However, the female customer said that she would not use intermediary to contact the hospital

She would choose a regular private hospital for the sake of her life safety

In terms of egg promotion, the female customer said that she chose imported gounafen for the reporter, and continued to inject it for 10 to 13 days from the first day of the period

During this period, a woman who was said to be a girlfriend (later confirmed to be an intermediary) accompanied the reporter to the hospital for injections every day, and promoted the discharge the next day

When the reporter asked whether to sign the agreement, the other party replied that it was ok if the reporter wanted to sign it, but she would ask the reporter to give up all rights to the children in the future

Click on the picture to go to the next page of Park Plaza Beijing Hotel, where egg suppliers and suppliers discuss egg urging and drainage

Sun Zhao, a reporter from China youth

com, photographed a female customer, who said that she was too old (nearly 40 years old) to have any eggs in her ovaries after B-ultrasound examination, and she could no longer have children

She had failed to have test tube babies twice before

She had a 7-year-old daughter, wanted another partner for her child, and said that gender was still under consideration

The female customer said that she was engaged in the IT industry and would not have any intersection with reporters

Previously, the agency also told reporters that after egg donation, it would communicate with customers “ Old age and death do not contact ”

During the chat, the female customer showed the reporter her B-ultrasound examination

On the issue of fees, the female client did not disclose how much money she had given the intermediary, nor did she know how much the intermediary had given the reporter

The customer seemed to see that the reporter was hesitant, and said that he had seen fiveorsix girls before meeting the reporter, but they were just very good-looking but not suitable

“ I think you are different from them

You went to college

You can think so &mdash& mdash; First, you can make money

Second, you help others and make their families happy;

Click on the picture to enter the next page of Park Plaza Beijing Hotel, where egg suppliers and intermediaries negotiate

Sun Zhao, a reporter from China youth

com, photographed a lawyer: buying and selling eggs constitutes a crime

On October 28, the reporter consulted a lawyer about the behavior of buying and selling eggs

Pangjiulin, director of Beijing Chunlin law firm, said in an interview that the measures for the administration of human assisted reproductive technology issued by the Ministry of health clearly stipulates that the sale of gametes, zygotes and embryos in any form is prohibited

The egg trading activities carried out by those intermediary organizations have constituted a crime, and the relevant medical institutions are also illegal medical practices

The specification for human assisted reproductive technology revised by the Ministry of health in 2003 clearly stipulates that any organization or individual is prohibited from raising funds in any form for commercialization

The third generation of test tubes is limited to the remaining eggs in the treatment of test tube babies, and it is strictly prohibited to buy or sell eggs

The reporter of China youth

com learned that the reproductive medicine center of the Third Hospital of Peking University has an egg bank

The staff in the inquiry told the reporter that its egg bank is only used to save the remaining eggs in the treatment of test tube babies and is not intended for social collection

The reporter is concerned that some lawyers have proposed the crime of buying and selling eggs or involving the illegal sale of human organs

According to the reporter, Zhu Lieyu, a deputy to the National People's Congress and director of Guoding law firm, proposed a proposal to criminalize the acts of organizing the sale and illegally picking and promoting the expulsion of children at the 2015 two sessions of the National People's Congress

The existing laws and regulations only provide penalties for the behavior of buying and selling eggs in medical institutions, but do not provide any penalties for non-medical institutions

The proposal proposes to set up the crime of organizing the sale of eggs, the crime of publishing advertisements for the sale of eggs in the criminal law, and to convict and punish the acts of extracting and promoting the discharge of eggs without consent, coercion or deception and the extraction of minors' eggs in accordance with the crime of intentional injury

Before the press release, the intermediary kept contacting the reporter, asking if there was any ideological fluctuation and reneging, and said that because the customer was particularly satisfied, he could raise the price on the basis of 60000 yuan

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The egg supplier and the intermediary leave the hotel

Photographed by sun Zhao, reporter of China youth


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