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China's new luxury consumption: American surrogate

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In the past two years, more and more wealthy Chinese have come to the United States to seek surrogacy services, which Americans call "the updated luxury consumption of Chinese elites"

These families solve infertility or have more children through the surrogate pregnancy of American mothers

After 21 years, these children who have been naturalized in the United States can also apply for a green card for their parents

Generally, the overall surrogacy service is about 120000 US dollars, plus various intermediary fees, it will reach 300000 US dollars

A good friend told me recently that he was busy helping a wealthy couple in China to ask about surrogacy in the United States

The couple, whose business is very smooth, is nearly 50 years old

They have only one daughter under their knees

More recently, they began to think about having a son

However, because the woman is old and does not comply with the domestic family planning policy, they decided to spend money on surrogacy in the United States

It is not uncommon for such rich Chinese to come to the United States to carry out surrogacy

In particular, in the past two years, due to excessive demand, it has gradually become a new Chinese business industrial chain, which has been nicknamed by Americans as "the updated luxury consumption of Chinese elites"

A well-known surrogacy story triggered the rise of wealthy Chinese seeking surrogacy in the United States

In 2001, a wealthy Chinese couple spent 1million yuan to find two surrogate mothers in the United States, and successfully gave birth to eight children, which not only caused a sensation in the American surrogate industry, but also attracted the attention of more Chinese couples in need of surrogacy

American surrogacy fees for an institution

It is certainly more worthwhile to spend more than 100000 dollars to have an American child than to buy high-quality LV bags or Armani clothes

There are two main types of people seeking overseas surrogacy

The more common situation is that couples themselves have the problem of infertility

According to the survey of the China Population Association, more than 40million Chinese people are considered to have the problem of infertility

In the past 20 years, the incidence rate of infertility at childbearing age has tripled

For traditional Chinese people, having a child means a complete family, which urges families with financial means to seek help from overseas surrogacy

At a surrogacy center in California, the majority of Chinese people came to ask for surrogacy services because of infertility


Jiang and his wife have tried many methods in China, but the two artificial insemination failed

Eager to have children, they came to the United States and welcomed their first daughter through surrogacy

The overjoyed couple then tried another surrogate, this time to get a pair of twin sons

The other group wants to have more boys or children on the basis of the only child, but is limited by domestic family planning

According to Zhongtao, a lawyer in Shanghai, technically speaking, surrogate the second child overseas still violates the family planning policy, but in practice, there are no feasible measures to prevent this practice

However, this surrogate method is becoming a new choice for more affluent people in China if their economic ability permits

Generally, surrogacy is divided into two steps

The first step is the hospital to carry out artificial insemination for the husband and wife, and the second step is to implant the excellent fertilized eggs into the abdomen of the surrogate mother

The cost of surrogacy is about $120000 to $200000, plus intermediary fees and living expenses to the United States

The overall cost exceeds $300000

If you are lucky enough to get twins or multiple births, the cost will certainly double

According to US media reports, as the rich in China have pushed up the cost of surrogacy, about hundreds of American couples who need surrogacy services have turned to India to have children

Reuters also issued a document saying that Thailand, India and Ukraine are all popular surrogate services in recent years, but the Chinese people can undoubtedly get more advantages by having their children born in the United States

Some Americans believe that rich Chinese go to the United States to get a green card

According to the 14th Amendment to the U


Constitution, anyone born in the United States will enjoy civil rights

Once a citizen reaches the age of 21, he can also apply for a green card for foreign parents

For Chinese Chambers who want to immigrate, it is cheaper than the $500000 invested in the EB-5 visa for immigrants, and they can get their own children

Some Americans believe that the rich Chinese want to leave a way for themselves by giving birth to their children in the United States and obtaining American citizenship

By allowing their children to obtain American citizenship and enjoy medical subsidies, they have solved the problem of education from small to large

These families can also naturally transfer their assets overseas, so that their wealth can be better protected

Chinese surrogacy services in the United States also highlight the cultural differences between the two countries

For Americans, they don't mind keeping in touch with surrogate mothers and letting their children know the facts of surrogacy

When the staff of the contemporary pregnancy agency tried to make Chinese parents establish a personal relationship with the surrogate mother, they were rejected

In their view, Chinese customers regard surrogacy services more strictly as a business and are more willing to keep the secrets of surrogacy

Basically, they "pay on delivery, settle the bill and leave", and never communicate with each other

On the other hand, he lied that he was pregnant and had children

As more and more Chinese customers are interested, American surrogacy agencies have also begun to recruit sales personnel who can speak Chinese, and set up offices on the west coast, so that Chinese customers flying from afar can enjoy more convenient services

In addition, many Chinese pregnant women are keen to have children in the United States

With this trend, China may experience a real "wave of immigration" 20 years later

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