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smoking gun Zheng Shuang is exposed to be a surrogate for the birth of a dragon and a phoenix fetus. Now he is suing Zha

2022-08-27 19:47 browse:

There are a lot of melons this month

First, guojingming, Yu Zheng and others apologized for the plagiarism

Then, baby sent a long article to Huang Xiaoming and Li fei'er to clarify that she had not interfered with their feelings

Huang Xiaoming then sent two microblogs to respond, and then announced that he would withdraw from the recording of Langjie 2

After several big melons, not only the marketing numbers were busy, but also the melon eaters were dazzled

However, these melons are not as popular as today's melons

That's Zheng Shuang's amazing melon

Actor Zheng Shuang is a hot physique, most of which stems from her "cool words"

Some time ago, in the program "brother chasing the light", Venus, who has always been famous for her "poisonous tongue", was defeated because of her numerous fans

However, her ridicule of Jin Chen and Deng Lun in the program made fans of both sides very unhappy

In this regard, Zheng Shuang first sent an apology to Jin Chen on her microblog (and then deleted it), and then announced that she would withdraw from the recording of the program (and then returned, so who was troubling)

Zheng Shuang is good at competing with herself, as can be seen from her behavior of canceling and registering her microblog

Perhaps it is because of such a sensitive and moody character that her emotional path has become particularly tortuous

Zheng Shuang's ex boyfriends will be happy to mention a wave of hot searches every time she talks about her feelings or emotional values on the camera premise

Earlier, Zhang Han had been divided for a long time

Each time Zheng Shuangyi had something

Zhang Han can always lay down his gun innocently

Then there was Huyanbin, who couldn't bear to hang hot search frequently because of Zheng Shuang, so he directly opened a connection on Weibo

Now it's Zhang Heng, the ex boyfriend who broke up with Zheng Shuang for more than a year

Speaking of Zhang Heng, he is also quite innocent

His relationship with Zheng Shuang always seemed to be the one who was scolded

Since they just announced their love affair, they were questioned to eat soft rice, but later on the love variety was accused of male chauvinism

After the breakup at night, the black material is a wave followed by a wave

In the rumors after the breakup, Zhang Heng not only went bankrupt, but also cheated, borrowed usury, and even absconded to the United States as a CEO in order to avoid debt

Perhaps these rumors had a great impact on Zhang Heng

He finally chose to send a response

The first two articles in his long article on Weibo clarified that he had not cheated or borrowed usury, which did not attract everyone's attention

What is even more shocking is that Zhang Heng remained in the United States during the epidemic because he had to look after two children

what?! Baby sitting?! Zhang Heng has a child?! Countless netizens were so surprised that their mobile phones were about to fall off

Zhang Heng not only posted this long article on Weibo, but also on wechat circle of friends

And in response to the questions of netizens, it was affirmed

Those are two children

They are really his

They are one year old and one month old

Just as the gourd eaters were wondering whether the two children were born to Zheng Shuang or to his new girlfriend seamlessly, another startling hammer came

A suspected friend of Zhang Heng has issued a medical certificate for the birth of two children in the United States

The first is the certificate of a girl born in Nevada, which shows that her birth time is January, 20 years

The other is the certificate of a boy born in Colorado, which shows that his date of birth is December, 19

What is more shocking is the column of information about the child's mother, which is impressively written in Zheng Shuang's English Pinyin "SHANGZHENG"

The father column is Zhang Heng's English Pinyin

If the two materials are true, Zheng Shuang is the biological mother of the two children

The reason why they are biological mothers is that these two children are not dragon and Phoenix twins, but they are both Zheng Shuang's children according to their different birth dates

Well, there is only one explanation, that is, Zheng Shuang is a surrogate

She had these two children through surrogacy abroad

This can not help but remind people that when Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng were still in love, MaTianyu once revealed in the program that Zheng Shuang wanted to have three children

But at the same time, I feel that having children is very troublesome

Coupled with Zheng Shuang's forthright nature, it is even more possible for her to find a surrogate to have children

In addition to having a surrogate child, a big melon of the two people broke out later

That's Zheng Shuang

In addition to his economic dispute with Zhang Heng, there are also divorce lawsuits in the United States! So, when Zheng Shuang fell in love with Zhang Heng, she quickly put getting married and having children on the agenda? Up to now, Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang have not had any problems with their children

Give a positive response

I don't know what Zhang Heng means by not exposing himself in the morning or at night

But anyway, the child is innocent

I hope we don't have any disputes with our parents

And be implicated

Whether the child is Zheng Shuang's or not, I believe that she, who has always dared to be the first, will give you a response

In addition, Xiao Shuang will certainly not evade her responsibilities (child rearing)