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How to treat Zheng Shuang's surrogacy is not entertainment gossip, but a social problem

2022-08-26 19:47 browse:

The news that Zheng Shuang gave birth to a child on behalf of her mother and then abandoned her has become the first big melon in the entertainment industry in 2021

Over the past two days, various media and melon eaters have flocked to eat the melon inside and outside

However, most gourd eaters view this entertainment news from the perspective of gossip

Many readers even view this news from the perspective of banter

For example, someone on the Internet asked Zheng Shuang how to do public relations for this wave? Someone came up with the idea that Xiao Zhan stole Zheng Shuang's eggs to surrogate Zhang Heng, so Zheng Shuang had no responsibility

It was a carnival of public opinion

However, Zheng Shuang's surrogate birth is not only an entertainment news, but also a serious social topic, involving very serious social ethics issues

We should not just be a gourd eater, but also carefully analyze the social and legal issues behind this matter

Let's look at Zheng Shuang's updated response, which has repeatedly emphasized the legal procedures in China and the legal procedures in the United States

Why does Zheng Shuang emphasize the law? So is surrogacy illegal? Is Zheng Shuang suspected of breaking the law? If it is not illegal, why should China prohibit surrogacy? What will affect Zheng Shuang? These problems are worthy of serious consideration by everyone

Now, let's talk about this problem

1、 Speaking from the relationship between surrogacy and prostitution, surrogacy may be a relatively unfamiliar term for many people

However, in fact, surrogacy and prostitution are somewhat similar

Understanding prostitution, you can partially understand surrogacy

To put it bluntly, both surrogacy and prostitution can be regarded as women selling human organs for profit

Surrogate birth, renting the uterus for 10 months; Prostitutes rent vaginas for a shorter time, ranging from tens of minutes each time

Whether it is surrogacy or prostitution, they are all for money, so most women who are willing to do this are from poor families

As we all know, Chinese laws and western laws have different judgments on the social phenomenon of prostitution

This is because there are differences in the social and cultural backgrounds between the East and the West

Keep this in mind, which is very helpful for us to understand how the laws of China and the United States treat surrogacy

Many people advocate the legalization of prostitution

The reason why prostitution is allowed in many western countries is based on the idea: can a person freely control his organs? For example, some people will say that the vagina is mine

I rent it for profit

I have the right to freely control my organs

In fact, prostitution sells vaginas, and most people are selling their labor and time to make money

What is the essential difference between the two? Why is it legal to sell labor and illegal to sell vagina? Why is it illegal to sell a womb? Does this statement sound reasonable? Right? Readers should think for themselves first

Therefore, the key to the problem is to see how to deal with this freedom to control their own organs

On this issue, there are great differences between Chinese and Western cultures

2、 The understanding of "freedom" in Chinese and Western cultures Westerners always like to talk about "freedom"

If you can't understand the freedom they say, you can see the performance of the western countries in the COVID-19

As we all know, China's ability to control the epidemic is to force the closure of cities and the isolation of the whole people, which is as simple as that

Sometimes, we wonder why the west can't do it at home? You can see that the epidemic situation in Britain has become so virtuous

The world has restricted the entry of British flights

As a result, the British people are still taking to the streets to protest against the closure of the city

So, how do people in the West understand "freedom"? No way, western culture just thinks that he has this freedom, the freedom to control his body, the freedom to control his organs, and the freedom to "die"

I'll die if I die

Is it none of your business? After understanding this, you can understand why prostitution can be legalized in the West and why marijuana smoking can be legalized in the West

Many social behaviors that we can't understand are because Westerners really believe in this freedom

They are typical of small governments

And we are a typical big government

However, both small and large governments are relative

It is impossible for the people in the west to do anything at home, but they are more open than us in many aspects

Of course, the understanding of "freedom" in the west is also different

In fact, Europe should be more conservative, and the American people should be more open to the definition of "freedom"

Therefore, as far as surrogacy is concerned, most European countries are against commercial surrogacy, while some states in the United States allow it

Therefore, many domestic rich people go to the United States to do surrogacy, such as c Luo and Zheng Shuang

So, now we can answer the first question

Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng went to the United States as surrogates to have children, which is indeed in line with the legal procedures of the United States

She did not break the law

Of course, Zheng Shuang doesn't break the law, but some things don't mean you can do it if it doesn't break the law

3、 The harm of surrogacy to social order when it comes to the harm of surrogacy to society, we should start with prostitution

In fact, prostitution itself does little harm to society

Just like drug abuse itself, the harm to society is not particularly great

The reason why China should crack down severely is that prostitution and drug abuse involve serious organized crime

Prostitution is more harmful to social order because prostitution, as long as it is a business, must be organized prostitution

If we say that only some women freely and voluntarily sell their bodies in exchange for money, in fact, China is really reluctant to take care of them

For example, the difference between keeping a mistress and being a junior is the difference between wholesale and retail

The country will not care who makes mistresses unless you are a party member or cadre

However, organized prostitution is bound to involve organized crime, especially the sale of human beings

It is impossible for most women in the world to take the initiative to engage in prostitution

Although there are some young women who, out of their vanity, will help make friends and be mistresses of others, they are only a few

Once prostitution is legalized, it is a very large business

We need a steady stream of young women

How can we supply this market demand? There will inevitably be forced prostitution, which will inevitably lead to the sale of people

In this way, it will have a great impact on the stability of the whole society

This is the reason why organized prostitution should be severely cracked down in China

It is precisely for this reason that prostitution cannot be legalized in China

Similarly, if surrogacy is legalized, a related industrial chain will inevitably emerge

So it is impossible to open this hole in China

This is Pandora's magic box

Just think about it

If all the rich people in our society are like Zheng Shuang, I don't want to have a baby when I'm old enough to have a baby

It's too painful

Pregnancy affects my career

Can I find someone to help me have a baby? If the rich do this, a large number of poor women will be coerced by organized criminal organizations to become surrogate mothers

This is the fundamental reason why surrogacy can never be legalized in China

So let's look at Zheng Shuang's surrogate birth, which has played a very bad leading role

It is also for this reason that Zheng Shuang must be cool

It would be a joke if such a star who brazenly engages in surrogacy could continue to make money in the entertainment circle without any punishment afterwards

In a word, Zheng Shuang must be completely finished this time

Although she is jumping around so much now, the relevant departments must be urgently studying how to deal with her

Thank God, Zheng Shuang's various hot searches have made it worse recently

She will never come out again to pollute our sight

I also hope there will be less such 250 in the entertainment industry in the future

It's true that every dog and cat can make a lot of money as a star these days

It's really speechless