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Video | transnational surrogacy agency: more than 100000 people in 10000 institutions, starting at 700000 yuan

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Auto play forward and backward original title: video | transnational surrogacy agency: tens of thousands of institutions, with a starting price of 700000 source: China business network recently, the dispute between actress Zheng Shuang and her ex boyfriend Zhang Heng has brought the gray industry of surrogacy into the spotlight

In China, although surrogacy is explicitly prohibited, its demand is difficult to ignore

Surrogate agencies have strict age and health restrictions on the screening of surrogate mothers

The starting price of a surrogate package in an institution is 700000 yuan

Experts say that surrogacy with the primary purpose of monetary remuneration is difficult to ensure the voluntary decision of the surrogate mother

If the society as a whole is more equitable in the distribution of education, health care, employment and other fields, perhaps no one will choose to "rent the uterus" to earn remuneration

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