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Birth does not need men French women take risks DIY makes people!

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I can't be an object

Who am I? Dragon and Phoenix in people, Phoenix in Phoenix

The independent female sister of the new era is so noble that men don't deserve it! Dili Dili (midnight bell) sisters, you don't understand me at all

Why am I so tired! I just want a boyfriend, I just want a child of my own

I'm sorry I was born& mdash;& mdash; Talk to your sister “ Stop, there are many treasures in a boyfriend

Now France also has the technology of single women giving birth

Sister, don't suppress the cloud

I'm going to sleep& rdquo; Today, I would like to tell you how French women lose their men and make their own people

Some time ago, the French National Assembly passed a new version of the bioethics act, which decided to open medical assisted reproduction (PMA) to all women of school age

Before that, PMA in France was only allowed to be used by heterosexual couples who were medically proved unable to conceive

Other people who wanted to create people with PMA could only DIY themselves or secretly go to other countries

Bastien, 23, is a French lesbian couple who went to Belgium to make use of PMA

Is the birth of the two girls in the news the kind that I think does not need up and down movement and small tadpoles? What is this PMA that makes French women call it cool? Although the technology of using two eggs to produce offspring has been developed, PMA is not so advanced

The PMA in France is much simpler

It mainly includes two technologies: one is artificial insemination, which is to artificially inject small tadpoles into women, so that one person can become two people; The second is in vitro artificial fertilization, that is, to take out the eggs and tadpoles, and combine them through magical operations to complete in vitro fertilization, cultivate them into embryos, and then implant the embryos back into the mother

After checking here, I understand that although we are not familiar with the name, PMA is not a strange technology

This is the French version of test tube baby

Test tube babies are not uncommon, but the PMA was launched with the policy of encouraging fertility! You know, France is a country that is more likely to have children in Europe

In terms of having children, France is herm è s, who is in the position of C

the country that is more likely to have children should encourage procreation and talk about her brain circuit bug! It was not until I saw the fertility curve of France in recent years that I realized that the fertility rate in France has been declining year by year, and now it is almost close to the lower value in history

No wonder the French started cheering on the streets as soon as the bill was proposed, because they could finally have more children and put the hat of "more capable" firmly on their heads

But in addition to this reason, Dao Mei also found something else

Some lesbians in France are crazy to have a child

In order to have a child of their own love, they often privately contact a man who is willing to donate sperm and inseminate with a dropper bought in the drugstore

DIY is a child

However, this has caused more problems, because the government does not know whether the ambiguous men and women on the street are p-friends or Nuwa who secretly wants to try DIY to create people

However, if I contact the private tadpole trading, there will also be security risks such as falsifying physical examination results, rape, harassment and so on

Originally, I only wanted to make people with you, but you covet my body, you old rascal

But if this kind of thing really comes to you, would your friends like to realize their dream of being a mother? This act is equivalent to giving all such mothers and children a security guarantee

Let children's rights and interests be protected, let women take back their own reproductive rights, and let women who want children but do not want to have intimate relations with men get what they want

After the news of this bill was sent back to China, many people expressed their support and envy &hellip& hellip; But “ Fatherless birth ” Really? The first is the ethical issue

If the tadpole bank is open to all women of school age, women will no longer need to find a partner before they can have their own children

In this case, the traditional family status will no longer exist

There may be children without fathers everywhere

There will be many single mother families or families with two mothers in the society

And if a woman gives birth to a “ A baby without a father ”, When the child asks: where is my father, how should I answer? The second is “ Surrogacy ” The more fundamental difference between problem medical assisted pregnancy and surrogacy is that surrogacy may make the human body clearly priced

There are not many regions in the world that prohibit surrogacy, and even fewer regions that regard surrogacy as a crime and are directly punished

However, France and China are one of the few countries that prohibit surrogacy more severely

Is the passing of the PMA act a green light for surrogacy? After the legalization of surrogacy in Ukraine, women have become fertility tools and “ European uterus ”

Defective babies are regarded as inferior commodities and abandoned, losing their human rights

If surrogacy gives the green light, will it be legal to target single men and gay men “ Surrogacy act;

Dao Mei, first of all, I can support the legalization of gay marriage and believe that love between homosexuals is also love, but I firmly oppose surrogacy

When homosexuals decide to be together, it means they give up their reproductive rights

If you want children, you can adopt them

I don't agree with this PMA bill personally, or I don't think it is suitable for us

Here are some scenarios “ Your father can't pay off his gambling debts

You can have just a few children

Anyway, you will have children in the future

It's OK& rdquo;& ldquo; Girl, if your sister-in-law can't give birth, you can give birth to one for your brother

Don't be afraid

Your sister-in-law's eggs will be used

What are you afraid of& rdquo; We are good at doing business and making money

We are not lost to hamsters in terms of exploiting loopholes

As long as PMA is legal, I believe some villains can create a surrogate dragon every minute

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