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Fertility black market

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Collection view my collection 0 useful +1 voted 0 broadcast editor lock discussion upload video special editor fertility black market is a surrogate black market, egg donation black market, sperm donation black market and breast milk black market in reality

Among them, "surrogacy" is a blasphemy against the value and dignity of life, and social order and ethics will become chaotic

Some poor people have taken selling eggs as a profession, which is a blasphemy against the value and dignity of life

Taking eggs and sperm as trading commodities, "money interests" are bound to drive the "egg black market" to flood, "biological parents" will exist in a large area, and the protection of personal privacy information will inevitably lead to unwitting kinship marriage

This kind of ethical chaos has to be worrying

A black market explanation of Chinese birth names  & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; The black market of surrogacy, egg donation, semen donation and breast milk in reality 1 background introduction 2 Analysis 3 legal provisions editors broadcast "Guangzhou 17-year-old girls risk death by selling eggs" and opened a corner of the domestic egg black market

As in most countries, surrogacy and egg trading are illegal in China

However, with the increase of infertility - in 2012, the number of infertility in China exceeded 50million, and the infertility rate reached 12

5% ~ 15%, which means that on average, one out of every eight couples of childbearing age is facing childbearing difficulties

In addition, the relaxation of the family planning policy and the superimposed influence of China's cultural concept of family succession have contributed to a vigorous but dangerous "black market in childbirth [1] "

In 2012, the number of infertile women in China exceeded 50million, and the infertility rate reached 12

5%~15%, which means that one out of every eight couples of childbearing age is facing childbearing difficulties

There are three kinds of human assisted reproductive technologies: artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization embryo transfer (in vitro baby), and surrogate pregnancy

The news often exposes that college students "sell eggs", which is a kind of test tube baby technology - the donor's eggs and the husband's sperm are combined in vitro to form embryos in the test tube, and then transferred to the wife's uterus for pregnancy

Egg donation is different from surrogacy

The latter refers to the implantation of the husband's sperm or fertilized egg into the "surrogate" for pregnancy

According to the principle of "the childbirth is the mother" commonly used in China, the surrogate mother is the "mother" of the child

Once a dispute arises, the couple who entrust the surrogate may not return the child

Therefore, the ethical and legal conflict of surrogacy is much greater than that of egg donation

However, even surrogacy is regulated by laws in some countries

For example, in Britain, the strictly controlled and de commercialized surrogacy has been legalized for 31 years

Edit and broadcast the administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology promulgated and implemented by the Ministry of health in 2001, which stipulates that medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogacy technology

The notice of the Ministry of health on printing and distributing the detailed rules for the implementation of human assisted reproductive technology and the verification of human sperm bank issued by the Ministry of health in 2006 stipulates that treatment can only be limited to the donation of the remaining eggs of women who make test tube babies

At the end of 2015, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress revised the population and family planning law

According to the contents of the published draft, an article, namely Article 35, is added to clarify that "it is prohibited to trade sperm, eggs, fertilized eggs and embryos, and it is prohibited to carry out surrogacy in any form" [2-3] 

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