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Japan's 24-year-old rich second generation, looking for 21 surrogate mothers, threatened to have 1000 children, in order

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Eggs can be sold, uterus can be rented - surrogate agencies are closer, and the "melons" in the entertainment industry are really continuous one after another

Among them, one of the big melons that made everyone dumbfounded was "Zheng Shuang's surrogacy and abandonment"

Even netizens in Daoguo are also paying close attention to the development of this matter

Not only that, but also the "legality of surrogacy" and other issues involved behind it have also been concerned by everyone

Presumably, after a few days of efforts, everyone has made the context of the whole event clear

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I have read many Japanese news about surrogacy with curiosity and found that this gray area is covetous not only by China, but also by the whole world! 1

Japanese surrogacy, chaos: is mass childbirth a greater good in life? A 24-year-old Japanese man found 21 surrogate mothers

As early as 2014, Asahi Shimbun reported an "illegal surrogate" incident in Thailand

The police found 9 babies in an apartment, and they all came from the same father! The father's name was Hiroshi Chongda, the son of Yasukuni Chongda, the founder of "optical communication" in Japan

Do you know Yasukuni Chongda? The famous "speed of light talent storage magician" once ranked fifth in the Forbes Global rich list in 1999 and second in Asia

So this chongtian Guangshi is a real rich second generation

Well, he doesn't want to have children because he likes children, but because Chongda thinks that "having a large number of children is a greater good in life" and that more heirs can manage assets

So as of 2018, chongtian, who is only 24 years old, has 21 surrogate children (think about his 24 years old


But what chongtian wants is more than that

He hopes to find more surrogate mothers

He plans to have 5 to 10 children a year, and better, 1000, for the benefit of the world

After investigation, the police confirmed that chongtian Guangshi had the custody of these children, but due to this, Thailand introduced a new surrogacy law in 2015: it stipulates that at least one husband and wife is Thai and they can only seek surrogacy services after they have been married for more than three years; Cannot provide surrogate services for foreigners

In case of violation, he will face 10 years' imprisonment

02 surrogacy situation of Hamasaki, the "ever-changing singer"

In Japan, the number of rich second-generation official second-generation surrogacy has been soaring in recent years, and the stars in the entertainment industry are often involved in the surrogacy situation

For example, the well-known "versatile singer" Hamasaki announced last year that she had a son as early as 2019

Netizens were shocked

After all, we checked Hamasaki's activity schedule in 2019 and held more than 40 concerts

Even on December 31 (the month after the birth of a child), we held a new year's concert

The key point is that Hamasaki doesn't look like a person who gave birth to a child in terms of body shape and state

The Japanese media began to doubt her "surrogacy", and the discussion on the Internet became more and more intense

But in fact, if you pay attention, Hamasaki's picture updates published during her pregnancy carefully cover her "pregnancy flavor"

? In August, 2019, Japanese artists began to wear loose clothes to cover their bodies

03 Japanese artists: surrogacy is a way to have their own children

However, in the Japanese entertainment circle, the stars who have been surrogate are not just in the gossip


and Mrs

Xiangjing and Mr

and Mrs

takada have admitted the fact of their own surrogacy

They had publicly claimed that they could not bear children and would go to the United States for surrogacy

They believe that surrogacy is a better way to have their own children

Later, they also got a pair of twins

04 go to Japan for surrogacy

In order to stay in Japan, other domestic people choose surrogacy in order to stay in Japan

They go to Japan to find a surrogate through an underground intermediary

Each time, the cost is 15million yen, and Japanese gangs participate in the whole process

After the contemporary pregnant mother gave birth to her baby, the Japanese gangsters lent her identity to register her registered residence

After the baby grew up, the client obtained the right of residence in Japan by adoption

Surrogacy in Japan, there is no relevant law, so chaos

However, for "surrogacy", the Japanese government also plans to enact the necessary laws within two years

After all, there are too many devious people trying to achieve their own conspiracy through "surrogacy"


The black curtain of surrogacy: eggs can be sold, uterus can be rented, and women = commodities? BBC surrogate how does "surrogate" develop into an industrial chain? In the BBC Documentary surrogate, the director recorded a legal surrogate institution in India from an objective and real point of view

The good name of the surrogate industry is to meet the needs and balance between the supply and demand sides, but behind its commercialization is the darkness and cruelty of human nature under the surrogate industry and the commercialization process of female fertility

Why would anyone want to be a surrogate? Almost all surrogate mothers in India are poor for one reason

In order to give their children better education, to be able to build a house, or for their husbands, they do not hesitate to sacrifice their own bodies as surrogates

One of the surrogate mothers in the documentary is no exception

She chose to rent her "uterus" just to "get rich overnight" for her poor family of seven

For her husband's monthly salary of $40, if she successfully surrogates and gives birth to a child, she can get $8000

If she gives birth to twins, it is $10000

This is really a huge sum of money

Unfortunately, because the birth process was not smooth, the surrogate mother had to deliver by caesarean section

After the huge pain of caesarean section, the surrogate mother began to suffer from gout and difficulty in eating

Not only that, but also the pain and anxiety of separation from the fetus

Although he is the child in his belly, he can't hold this young life

In the face of all this, the doctors in the surrogate hospital just comforted them: "it's just a guest who has lived in your uterus for 9 months


It is conceivable that at the beginning of this transaction, the surrogate mother rented not only her own "uterus", but also handed in her own initiative and autonomy, and had no position! 02nhk's "rising Chinese American surrogacy industry" · on the other hand, NHK's documentary "rising Chinese American surrogacy industry" also truthfully and objectively records the "Chinese American surrogacy industry"

Since China explicitly prohibits surrogacy, and India, Thailand and other countries have also banned surrogacy in recent years, the rich in China have turned their attention to the United States, where surrogacy technology is more mature

Through a surrogate agency, a surrogate mother named Alison implanted two embryos at the request of Chinese clients

But at the 25th week of pregnancy, Alison was born prematurely because of the risk of carrying twins

Doctors diagnosed that premature infants may have sequelae

Chinese couples are worried about this and more medical expenses, so they choose not to treat them

According to the contract, the treatment plan of the newborn is selected by the client

The Chinese couple chose to give up the rescue and the baby would be treated as medical waste

Alison watched her two children die in her arms

Her life broke down, and her heart was broken because of the death of two little babies

She also held a funeral for the twins at her own expense

Later, Alison not only did not receive the payment for surrogacy, but also faced huge hospital treatment costs

However, for Chinese parents who only provide fertilized eggs, the disposal of two babies is like the disposal of garbage

Not only that, this organization also collects a large number of female eggs for sale

The price of eggs is determined by the height, appearance, IQ and so on

Each has a price tag, and the more expensive eggs have sold for 4

5 million yen


An industrial chain selling "life" is now readily available

There are still countless advertisements about "surrogacy" in large online blockbusters

If there is demand, there is a market

It is conceivable how many people will want to have children through such means

And the surrogate agency behind it has generated many interests about "life"

In his book justice, Harvard professor MichaelSandel said that there are two views against surrogacy: first, the surrogate mother seems to be free to choose, but in fact, it is because of money or other needs that she has to accept the path of surrogacy, which is the reproductive right ceded by the bottom of the society from the situation of economic oppression; Second, surrogacy regards birth and babies as commodities, and this behavior is to use them rather than respect them

Surrogacy makes the value of life quantifiable, turns into a cold business, and even can be handled at will

The essence of surrogacy is class exploitation

(Australia's No

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