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The surrogate mother, who has not experienced the hardship of pregnancy in October, will have feelings with her child?

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Original title: will a surrogate mother have feelings for her child without experiencing the hardships of pregnancy in October? Childbirth is something that most women will experience

However, with the development of medical technology, "surrogacy" has gradually appeared in people's vision

In short, surrogacy is the process of finding someone to complete the pregnancy in October instead of themselves and deliver once

This technology was originally a convenient way for women who could not give birth on their own due to physical reasons, but now it has been used by many people

For example, some female stars worry that having children will affect their body, so they will find a surrogate

There are many uncertain risks in surrogacy, especially in terms of the child's health

Many people are worried about whether the child and the mother have feelings

The reason why children and their mothers are close to each other is that from pregnancy to childbirth, the baby and mother begin to establish a close bond

It has also appeared before that those surrogate mothers are unwilling to give up their children and give them to their biological parents

This is because the surrogate mother has established a relationship with the baby in her belly throughout the pregnancy, which has gone beyond the blood relationship

However, the surrogate mothers naturally lack this very important process

Many people will feel that although the children are their own flesh and blood, the mother has not experienced the hardship of pregnancy in October, and the relationship between nature and the children is not so deep

In fact, the actual situation has indeed happened

For example, the female star surrogate abandonment incident happened before

It is precisely because there is no relationship with the child that there is no recognition or acceptance of the child

This also shows that the relationship between parents and children can not be established solely by blood relationship

Surrogacy, if viewed from different angles, has different starting points

If a family needs children and is eager for their arrival, then no matter who comes from the belly, they will still love them; However, once the adult's feelings are broken, the child as a baby will become a "burden" in an instant, because the child will affect his own breakup and even his pursuit of new happiness in the future

At this time, the feelings between parents and children are far less than worrying about the future and money

In fact, feelings are not just feelings

They are slowly established in the later process of getting along, taking care of and spending hard work

Blood relationship can be a catalyst, but it is by no means the only factor

1) Expectations for the birth of children for those mothers who want to have children but are unable to bear children themselves, they will have a great desire for the arrival of children

This desire will make the mother's feelings for the children very strong

Because the children place great hopes, they will naturally have enough feelings for the children

2) Sense of responsibility for children no matter whether they have experienced October pregnancy or not, parents' feelings for children will contain a sense of responsibility, especially for young children, which requires parents to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations in the process of raising them

Those surrogate mothers naturally have such responsibilities and moral constraints

Naturally, they also have feelings about pregnancy and care for their children

3) The old saying about getting along with children in the future often says that "it is better to have a mother than a biological mother"

In fact, it also makes sense

In fact, to some extent, the relationship between the surrogate mother and the surrogate child is actually an "adoption" relationship

In addition, there is a blood relationship in the later stage

Mothers and children will experience a variety of things in life

This is the accumulated feelings, which later solidify into unbreakable family ties

4) Although the blood inheritance with children grows in other people's belly, because they share the same genes with their biological mother, they will naturally look similar to their mother

After their mother has this understanding, they will be the source of all kinds of emotions in the future

Surrogacy has always been explicitly prohibited in China

Children are still their own children

As long as they decide to get married and have children, it is better for women to complete the process from girl to mother

After all, this process is more worthy of being cherished

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