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Share the real experience and hardships of American surrogacy

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The previous article inadvertently mentioned that my three little princesses were born by surrogacy

Unexpectedly, many friends began to ask about surrogacy in the United States

I joked with the team

We just finished the surrogate property together, hehe

LessisMore。 We will only focus on our real estate investment, but I also want to take this opportunity to share my experience with many friends who are going to come to the United States as surrogates

I hope I can help you

It started in August, 2014 to be a surrogate

We wanted to have children

We also attended some options lectures before, but we always felt wrong, so we never made up our minds to go the same way

In the past, I didn't dare to think of surrogacy

I thought it must be a sky high price, and the process must be very complicated

But later, with the encouragement of her friend Corrine, she decided to bite her teeth and chose the way of surrogacy in order to divide her cells

After making a decision, I began to do research on the Internet

Just like buying a house for investment, this is our first surrogate pregnancy

Everything is strange

Therefore, we must find experts to pay their fees

This is the role of surrogacy intermediary

There are many surrogate agencies in the United States

However, the prices are quite high

The price is 2

Basic management fee of USD 50000

We don't have much money, so we still want to find a reliable broker with reasonable price

After two weeks of research, there has been no good result

In desperation, we also put our information on the foreigner's website

Hope to have some good luck

I still remember that night, sitting in bed, looking at the computer, I suddenly received a letter from a surrogate agent

They are a Chinese organization in Los Angeles

The founder of the organization used to be a nurse in the hospital

Although they are now in California, they used to live in Seattle and later moved to Los Angeles

It feels like fate! For a long time, I prefer this kind of momandtopshop! After we called Jessie, the head of lxbbus, and found that their prices were reasonable, we directly signed a contract with her

We told Jessie our thoughts and requirements, and then we had to trust her and wait for her to find a suitable surrogate mother

Maybe we were lucky

A week later, we received information about three surrogate mothers

Each profile contains 4-5 photos of the surrogate mother, plus 15 pages of detailed information

It is mainly about the surrogate mother to tell her why she wants to be a surrogate mother, the health and education of her family, and her own interests and hobbies

At the same time, we also received information about 8 egg mothers

Most egg mothers are reluctant to share their personal information because they do not want to have any relationship with their future children

We always make decisions very simply and trust intuition

Egg mother, as long as she is beautiful (this is ridiculed by countless friends) and has no history of disease

The choice of surrogate mothers still needs to be careful

After all, she will take our children for 10 months

We carefully selected the information of a surrogate mother, and then decided to have a video call with her

The feeling of video calling is very good

The surrogate mother has already had two children of her own

Her husband is a member of the US Army and is stationed overseas

The surrogate mother said that on the one hand, she wanted to make more money for the family so as to provide a better life for her children; On the other hand, I want to help families who need children

We especially like her sincere answer, feeling that there is nothing hidden

I think I can start the next cooperation with her

At the same time, our egg mother has also chosen

Jessie, an intermediary, said, "we are really resolute people


It takes one year for others to find a surrogate mother, and we are locked in less than one month

Hehe, let's smile

The big decisions in life must be made quickly

Hesitation comes and goes, time and energy are gone

Heaven will set a great task on this man, so he must first be painstaking

I thought everything was done

At this time, bad news came from our hospital

The surrogate mother had a broken abdomen before

Now the lining is too thin

The fertilized egg may not stick to it

To make matters worse, the egg mother found out that she had sexually transmitted diseases

If she wanted to promote the discharge, she had to wait at least 6 months

At this stage, our two mothers have passed the psychological test and spent thousands of dollars to do the blood test required by FDA

Take a deep breath

There is no way to complain

Well, let's do it again

Set our mind and follow the same steps

Two weeks later, we found a new surrogate mother and an egg mother

Psychological test, passed! FDA blood test, passed! Doctor physical examination, passed! Eggs, 39! Yeah! 12 fertilized eggs that are still healthy in 5 days! We froze the 12 fertilized eggs and started genetic testing! There are 8 more healthy fertilized eggs! The fertilized egg below is when Phoebe is 5 days old! We always wanted a big family, so we decided to put two fertilized eggs into the surrogate mother's body

Surrogate mothers are also excited

After the transfer, she began to test whether she was pregnant at home every day

When that pregnant photo was sent to our mobile phones, it was really a feeling of heaven! Omitting countless nervousness and excitement

Nine months later, our little princess Phoebe came to the world

Listening to her crying, seeing her smiling face, and letting her hold my finger tightly, the previous ups and downs are also worth it

People often ask me, would your surrogate mother want to keep Phoebe? "Of course not!" She is only an oven in this process

She nurtured our dear Phoebe, but she has no blood relationship

Besides, after she got married with her boyfriend, she was ready to have her own children! Through this process, the surrogate mother has become our family

We basically contact each other by text message every week to see how everyone is doing and how the children are growing

It is this healthy and beautiful relationship that makes us decide to start our second surrogate journey in 2016

This is also a dangerous process

After 27 weeks, I opened two fingers, went to the delivery room, stayed in bed for self-cultivation, and then had an emergency abdominal birth at 34 weeks

On may29,2017, we welcomed Phoebe's two sisters to the world

Her name is Hanalei, because that is our favorite place in Hawaii

My little sister's name is Chelsie, which is the name of our surrogate mother

When we told the surrogate mother the news, she was crying like hell

Now I am half dead with three children every day

But I am glad that Corrine's advice at that time made us embark on the road of surrogacy

There are many ups and downs in any chosen path

What we can do is to bite our teeth and survive

Let time playitsmagic (use its magic) heal, solve and create

After that, I will share some useful information with you

1。 States in the United States that are more friendly to surrogacy: California, Illinois, Arkansas, Oregon, Maryland, andnewhampshire

In Washington state, surrogacy is illegal because of the protection of women's rights

We did surrogacy in California, because our name will be shown on the child's birth certificate as a parent, without the need for adoption procedures


The prices of surrogacy, different intermediary agencies and different clinical hospitals, have different charging methods

I have summarized the general charges

The middle column is the normal cost, and the right column is the higher cost

If your expenses exceed the higher ones, it will be too high

It is not mentioned above, but it is very important to find a good ivfclinic hospital

We interviewed at least five different hospitals and doctors recommended by the surrogacy agency, and then chose one that we thought was better, depending on personal needs and priorities

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