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What is the truth behind surrogacy? Childbirth should never be a business

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Today, I opened the hot search

Good guy, the word "surrogate" topped the list! What the hell happened? Only one night, I found that the whole network was talking about the "Zheng Shuang surrogacy" incident

Let's briefly review that on the evening of January 18, a recording of a suspected conversation between Zheng Shuang and his parents and Zhang Heng's parents was exposed

The suspected Zheng Shuang even proposed "abandonment" and "abortion"

Then on January 19, zhengshuangfa responded to the "surrogacy storm" on her microblog, saying, "this is a very sad and private thing for me

I have not violated domestic instructions on China's territory, and I respect all laws and regulations abroad

" He also claimed that he had been repeatedly blackmailed by exposing his privacy

Later, the surrogacy event was still fermenting, and CCTV also issued a statement

Prada also terminated the cooperation with Zheng Shuang overnight

What is surrogacy? It refers to the behavior of fertile women who, with the help of modern medical technology, pregnancy and childbirth for others

It can be divided into complete surrogacy, partial surrogacy, free surrogacy and paid surrogacy

Surrogacy is still not allowed in China, but at present, the relevant provisions only stay at the level of departmental regulations, and the level of legislative effectiveness is low, which can not achieve the purpose of regulation

It is well known that surrogacy is illegal in China, but there are still many black intermediaries doing these illegal activities where we can't see them

Why do many women choose surrogacy when they know it is illegal? This is the drive of money interests and human morality

At present, black intermediary surrogacy also has three or six or nine grades when selecting surrogate mothers

Ordinary education is cheap in appearance, while higher education is more expensive in appearance and beauty

This is a trample on the dignity of women

And surrogacy agencies will set very harsh conditions for pregnant women


The child can have an abortion, but they will not be responsible for any physical problems after the abortion


The child has a congenital disease after birth

The customer doesn't want it

Pregnant women have to raise or abandon it by themselves


If there is disability or death during childbirth, neither the institution nor the hospital will be responsible

To put it bluntly, pregnant women are not responsible for anything that happens to them physically

What is more terrible is the working environment

Pregnant women are arranged in a bed only room for ten people

Surrogacy is very harmful to women's bodies, which may lead to uterine damage and lifelong infertility, and even a series of physical diseases

We will resolutely resist this "one hammer" deal

3 surrogacy is not test tube baby

Many people don't understand the difference between surrogacy and test tube baby: the children born by surrogacy and the surrogate women are not related by blood

This is just using the surrogate mother's uterus as a fertility platform

Test tube baby is related by blood with the mother

Nowadays, there is a lot of information about "surrogate black birth" on the Internet

Entering "surrogate" will pop up thousands of information such as "health", "son", "safe and reliable"

Surrogacy agencies do not even need to wear a disguise to directly display the price lists of various surrogacy services on social platforms, as well as the "successful cases" of enterprises

Indian surrogacy clinics and even Xiaobian know that today's surrogacy has "special customization"

For example, there are requirements for the female side (height, weight, educational background, and whether there is any disease), and even for the children, such as (boys, girls, twins, triplets, dragons and phoenixes, etc


For these requirements, the surrogate women have no right to choose to refute, and only passively accept the fate

Once there are any problems in the surrogate pregnancy, the customer can ask for a pause and a "comeback", which will cause great physical harm to the women

Moreover, for those born children, there have been reports that "surrogacy gives birth to children, the customer is not satisfied, and the children are returned"

For such a situation, it is not only harmful to the female body, but also unfair to the children

So where did these returned children go? can make nothing of it

To be sure, these babies are like "slow-moving goods" and will not stay in the factory for long

But where will they eventually go? No one can give a definite answer

Is surrogacy the loss of morality or the distortion of human nature? Childbirth should never be a business

Surrogacy is the exploitation of the female body by the rich

As long as this exploitation exists, it will spread indefinitely

You and I are potential victims

It's hard to realize that a small life is not easy to get without the pain of pregnancy in October and childbirth once! There is no breeding of flesh and blood, and there will be no deep love between mother and son! We don't make too much comments on surrogacy events, but Xiaobian resolutely opposes surrogacy

He is not only protecting others, but also protecting himself! Report / feedback

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