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Ukrainian netizens set up a car overturn, released false war pictures, sold badly, and were ripped off the surrogate com

2022-08-19 11:22 browse:

It is certain that we have heard about Russia and Ukraine more recently

I won't go into too much detail here

After the incident, many Ukrainian netizens began to sell miserably on domestic websites to publicize the cruelty of war

Mei ailio is such a netizens

Mei Ailuo, an amateur photographer from Chengde City, Hebei Province, went to Ukraine for some reasons and married a local girl named "dashamei"

After the war broke out, her family was trapped in Ukraine

In order to avoid the disaster, Mei Ailuo took her family to the basement and posted the news on the Internet

She mocked herself: "I don't know if I can still order takeout


Although it was a joke, it can be seen from the photos that the family looked very serious, and obviously they were not relaxed

Many netizens sympathize with Mei ailio's experience

After all, he is our compatriot

In the event of such a thing, Netizens feel bad, and send their blessings to him in the comment area

It can be seen that Mei Ai Luo loves her motherland very much

Even in the basement, she doesn't forget to take her family to make a five-star red flag

But now Mei ailio, a patriot, has overturned his car

Some netizens have pulled out the couple's accounts and published false war pictures, resulting in the social accounts being blocked by the platform for a week

It can be seen in the video that there are fighter planes flying over Ukraine and the scene of house explosion

It was later confirmed that the plane scene was the picture of the 2020 Russian military parade

The big bang, as the 2020 Lebanon big bang video, was later spliced together by Mei Ai Luo through editing

Not only that, Mei Ailuo once said publicly that he was a Chinese citizen, but later he was picked up by netizens

In order to stay in Ukraine, he had already joined a foreign country

After the incident was exposed, public opinion on the Internet began to reverse

Many netizens said bluntly: "this kind of person is so annoying that his account should be banned

" It is true that Mei ailio, under the guise of patriotism, deceives the feelings of the Chinese people, so as to reap the flow and heat, and hype her own behavior, which is really despised by people and should not be sympathized with

In addition, Mei Ai Luo also made a big fuss about the war

We need to know how many innocent people died in the war and how many people lost their families

Mei Ailuo used war to hype himself

He not only did not love his motherland, but also had the taste of making a big fortune in the country but also in Ukraine

In addition to counterfeiting, some netizens also found out that Mei Ailuo opened a surrogate agency abroad to make profits

You know, surrogacy is illegal in China, but it is different in foreign countries

It's no wonder that Mei Ailuo would join a foreign country to do such a job

I think he knows that he will not be accepted by the Chinese in any case

Personally, I believe that changing your nationality is everyone's right

As long as you are able and willing to go, no one will take care of you

But for one thing, the motherland is not a place where you can come and go back whenever you want

To change one's nationality, one must be prepared not to return

Now that you have changed your nationality, you should love your own country and stop making a fuss about your identity as a Chinese

Such people are looked down upon even more because they have two sides and the grass on the wall falls down with the wind

What do you think of Mei Ai Luo, who is an online celebrity? Welcome to leave a message for discussion in the comment area