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Is there a surrogate institution in China? What kind of scam may you encounter when looking for a surrogate in China?

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There are many infertile patients who are eager to have a child

The cuckoo reproduction international pregnancy assistance center reminds you that the so-called legalized surrogacy in China is basically an underdeveloped region, and those who go to these domestic operations are basically customers who are greedy for cheap, and the risk is proportional to the interest

As the landlord said, this situation is a drawback in foreign countries, and there is no communication

Whether the institution has the strength can not be investigated all the time, So it's basically hard for me to grasp

The world should be beautiful

There shouldn't be so many cheaters and tricks

In the commercial society, there is nothing wrong with making money, but the few behaviors that are unruly, without professional ethics and bottom line that can not be earned by unscrupulous money are blinded by money and interests

The guest is 45+ years old

The ovaries are in severe decline

He pats his chest without warning the risk

He collects money in advance before entering the process

In order to meet the customer's requirements, he tampers with the information deliberately at a low price to attract the customer into the pit

It is obvious that homosexuals or single people can't do it

If he plays a marginal ball to let the customer bear the risk and loss, the surrogate mother is not allowed to contact the customer, A person who conceals the fact that he is not pregnant or has an early miscarriage makes a rash commitment to premature birth of twins or a dragon and Phoenix fetus, and is at a loss what to do

Cuckoo reproduction international pregnancy assistance center reminds you: 1; Be sure to go to the institution for on-the-spot investigation, whether there is a fixed office location, office staff, scale, and whether it is open and standardized

Second; Can you see whether there are many mothers who help pregnant? Go to the logistics department to check whether there is a certain quantity and quality

Third: the medical equipment and technology of most institutions are almost shared, and the doctors, equipment and technology in the operating room are nominal specialist professors in the first three hospitals

It is mainly to observe whether the person in charge of the organization is a responsible person

You need to polish your eyes to see whether the person is exaggerating and boasting, but you can't prove it in practice! Fourth; Commitment, the rule of law or the protection of victims

There is also a cooperative method of joint account (an account that requires both parties' card secret to input at the same time to withdraw money) and payment after the birth of a child

No matter what kind of surrogate package service, face-to-face negotiation can be conducted on the spot to sign the fifth contract; During the period from the mother's successful pregnancy to the baby's birth, customers can visit the pregnant mother at any time to see the baby's development and growth

The logistics department has 24-hour professional nursing staff to supervise and ensure the health of the pregnant mother and baby

The production inspection report shall be sent to the customer on time every month

Sixth; Surrogacy agencies have to sign contracts

Seventh: if the price is too low (lower than the industry price), it is not believable

There is little difference between the price of a normal industry

We should not covet cheap prices

There is no mistake in this sentence

High prices prove the high cost of technology

Choosing a representative with good technology has chosen a good soil to lay a good foundation for his future children, so don't choose the one with low prices

Surrogacy is not protected by law in China

But cheating is fraud

Later, having children is a lifetime event

The above seven aspects are enough for us to recognize what kind of organization is more reliable

Only in this way can we ensure that we are not cheated

I hope you will avoid detours on the way to have children