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Vietnam's rich second generation married a transgender singer and gave birth to a Thai surrogate baby with her sister-in

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Original title: Vietnam's rich second generation married a transgender singer, and married a transgender wife by giving birth to a child through a Thai surrogate through the eggs of their sister-in-law

This is a very strange idea, which is certainly unacceptable in the eyes of secular people

People will wear colored glasses to see it

However, some people do it for love, and they have children with transgender wives

Of course, the child is not his own

Even so, the transgender mother-in-law likes this daughter-in-law very much

According to Vietnamese media reports, the man who married a transgender for love was a 34 year old pilot named tranphihung

His transgender wife named lamkhanhchi, 42, is a transgender

After the transgender, she looks more beautiful than ordinary women

That's why the pilots like her

Her transgender wife is gentle and pleasant, with beautiful songs

We don't know how tranphihung fell in love with his transgender wife

We only know that tranphihung is a rich second generation

My mother was very satisfied with his transgender daughter-in-law and gave them a 419 square meter land as a gift! Tranphihung doted on his wife very much

On his first wedding anniversary, he also posted photos of his children on social media

Speaking of children, we have to mention that the children were not born by him and his transgender wife, but by borrowing the eggs of his sister-in-law and sent to Thailand to find a surrogate

For this child, tranphihung's mother loves her dearly

Lamkhanhchi, a transgender wife in the entertainment industry, became more homesick because of the child

She often takes time out of her busy schedule to see her children and her husband

I often visit my parents' house and grandparents' house

Today, lamkhanhchi and her husband are very affectionate and have a very good relationship

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