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Investigation on surrogate mothers: donation of eggs can earn 50000 yuan, which is very harmful to women

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com reported on May 13 that according to the report of Life Gang, the TV life channel of Shandong Radio and television station, through the reports on surrogacy in recent days, we all know that in order to seek high profits, there are many illegal surrogacy and illegal underground transactions

Among them, if you donate more eggs, you will get an income of 50000 yuan, which sounds tempting

But from the perspective of women, will egg donation harm the body? Egg donation can earn tens of thousands of yuan, which is very harmful to women's health

In the investigation, the reporter found that in addition to the commission that surrogate mothers can get, women who provide high-quality eggs can also get a lot of remuneration

You only need to go to the hospital to take out the eggs of the ovaries during ovulation, and you can get tens of thousands of yuan

It seems that this treatment is very attractive

So, for women, what does it mean to promote platoon? Will it bring some harm to the body? The reporter found the experts from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Qianfo Mountain hospital in Shandong Province

Gynaecologist zhouting told the reporter that under natural circumstances, the mature eggs discharged by women in their life are 400 to 500, one egg a month

If ovulation is promoted, more than a dozen eggs can be discharged in a month

If you donate dozens of eggs at a time, it will certainly have an impact on ovarian function, such as premature ovarian failure and atrophic ovaries, just like the ovaries of women at the age of

The reporter learned that ovulation induction requires two to four ovulation induction needles every day for half a month, and then through vaginal puncture, the eggs are taken out and extracted, put in a test tube to cultivate embryos, and then returned to the mother

Zhou Ting said that during ovulation induction, women's bodies will produce a lot of floating water, and even have some organ damage and body function failure

So, to exchange eggs for tens of thousands of dollars is a big price for women

What is the legal effect of the seemingly perfect surrogate contract? According to the surrogate agency, in order to guarantee the rights and interests of customers, surrogate mothers and intermediaries in the process of surrogacy, a better way is a cooperation agreement

Among them, Qingdao Yuanmeng surrogacy service center provided the reporter with a cooperation agreement

The agreement has 12 pages and 45 items

Item 40 of the agreement stipulates that if Party A dies within the term of the agreement, the children born by surrogacy under this Agreement shall continue to perform this Agreement until the end by Party A's heir with full capacity; If the surrogate mother dies within the term of the agreement and is identified as Party A's responsibility by the public security department, Party A shall, in addition to the legal liability, compensate the surrogate's family members by 100000 yuan only

If it is identified by the public security department as the surrogate's own responsibility or the third party's responsibility, it shall be handled in accordance with the law

Such surrogacy provisions have to be said to have been very rigorous and meticulous

So, how much legal benefit will it bring in the event of a dispute after signing such a surrogate cooperation agreement? To this end, the reporter specially consulted lawyers

Lawyer Guo said that the surrogacy contract is not only a contract, but also a contract

The contract of assignment of rights and obligations related to identity is not protected by China's contract law, which means that no matter how detailed the agreement is set, it has no effect

Once there is a problem in the process of surrogacy, it will be very troublesome

In addition, surrogacy may also cause a series of legal problems

In addition to violating China's family planning law, the handover of children after birth may also violate the relevant provisions of the criminal law

Most of the surrogacy is paid surrogacy, and paid surrogacy may be suspected of the crime of buying and selling children in violation of the provisions of the criminal law

As for these online surrogacy agencies, lawyer Guo said that they do not have the qualification to operate legally, and it is impossible for them to establish any surrogacy agencies

At the present stage in China, various forms of surrogacy are prohibited

Therefore, it is impossible for relevant individuals, units or other organizations to obtain industrial and commercial registration within their business scope

As surrogacy may bring various legal and social ethical issues, the Ministry of Health issued the administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology in 2001, which clearly limits surrogacy

Medical institutions and medical personnel shall not carry out any form of surrogacy

If surrogacy technology is carried out, a warning will be given and a fine of less than 30000 yuan will be imposed

If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility will be investigated

Editor's note: everything related to surrogacy is not protected by the law

Once something goes wrong during this period, you can only admit that you are unlucky

It is likely that you will get nothing

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