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Most of the clients of the surrogacy criminal group in Ukraine are Chinese men with "specific sexual orientation"

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According to today's Russian TV report on the 26th, Ukrainian police raided a private fertility clinic suspected of "selling babies" to China

Although the suspects are accused of "trafficking in human beings", surrogacy is a legal gray area in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Ministry of internal affairs disclosed the scandal last Saturday (April 25) evening

Ukrainian police successfully destroyed a "human trafficking" Gang centered on a private fertility clinic in Kiev

Ukrainian Deputy Minister of the interior Anton grahchenko shared more details about the case on social media Facebook

The gang involved the head of the clinic, her son, two other Ukrainians and three Chinese citizens

They are accused of trafficking in human beings and may be sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment and confiscation of property

Gramschenko said that most of the clients of the clinic are single Chinese men with "certain sexual orientation"

He added that although the exact number of trafficked babies is still unknown, at least 140 Chinese citizens are under investigation

A baby is sold for about $50000

This huge sum of money covers the costs of artificial insemination of surrogate mothers, legal support and false marriages necessary to facilitate the smuggling of children out of the country

It is not clear whether the father of these babies was the person who later adopted them

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