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A woman has two babies in five months? In depth investigation found that

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Within five months, does it sound like we can shoot "into science" when a mother gives birth to two babies before and after they are not twins? Ms

Ji, from BOLUO County, Huizhou, Guangdong, gave birth to a child in April this year, but was informed by the local family planning department that the system information showed that she had given birth to a child five months ago

What the hell is going on? 03:21 in April this year, Ms

rose gave birth to a child in Boluo, Huizhou, and went to the door before sitting down with the staff of the local family planning department and village cadres

The village women's director asked Ms

Ji a very strange thing: How did you give birth to two children within five months? The information provided by the family planning office of Baitang town shows that Ms

Ji gave birth to a girl in Guangzhou Malai maternity hospital in Baiyun District, Guangzhou in November, 2019

But Ms

Ji was still pregnant and could not have a baby at all

The staff of the family planning office asked Ms

Ji if she had lost her ID card before she remembered that she had lost an ID card in december2016

At that time, Ms

Ji checked into a hotel in Baiyun District of Guangzhou and found that her ID card was lost

She went to the police station in Boluo, Huizhou to report the loss and obtained a new ID card in March 2017

Guangzhou Malai maternity hospital confirmed that there was indeed a woman with Ms

Ji's ID card who came to the hospital to give birth

The maternity certificate photo showed that this ID card was Ms

Ji's old card

The functional department of Baiyun District in Guangzhou also replied to Ms

Ji that the relevant processes of the hospital were OK

So who is the person who gave birth to a child with an identity card? Huizhou boluobotang police station confirmed that they had organized Ms

Ji and a Mr

Zhu to meet and mediate


Zhu was the biological father of the baby girl delivered in Guangzhou, and Mr

Zhu called an intermediary of a surrogate agency


Zhu said that he spent hundreds of thousands to find a surrogate, but he didn't expect that the surrogate would give birth to a child as someone else

At present, Guangzhou Baiyun police have filed a case for investigation

A lawyer said that citizens' personal information is protected by law, and the fraudulent use of identity cards infringes on citizens' personal information rights, so they should bear the liability for civil infringement

At the same time, the act is also an administrative illegal act

The lawyer also reminded that if the embezzler has repeatedly embezzled and caused serious social impact and heavy losses to others, he will be suspected of a criminal offence

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