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Coordinate Shanghai, is it troublesome for Ukrainian surrogate babies to return to China for Hukou?

2022-07-25 11:22 browse:

I am more worried about the household registration problem

It is not difficult to get a Ukrainian surrogate child's registered permanent residence when I see that it is said on the Internet that the registered permanent residence in Shanghai is not good

The process details of how to get a registered permanent residence in Shanghai are attached

The first thing to declare is that Ukrainian surrogacy returns home through normal channels

The embassy will apply for a travel permit for the newborn to return home

After the child is born, the hospital will give a certificate

You can take this certificate, the translation of passport and marriage certificate to the marriage registration office to make a birth certificate

After you get the birth certificate, you need to do the certification

The process is to translate the birth certificate first, and then go to the Ministry of justice of the embassy for authentication

The child's birth certificate only contains information about your husband and wife, and there will be nothing about surrogate mothers

Then go to the embassy to apply for a tourist visa, and then smoothly take the baby home

Before the age of 18, you can choose both Ukrainian and Chinese citizenship, or you can choose to give up Ukrainian citizenship

How to handle the household registration after coming back? As long as there is a birth certificate, the process is relatively simple

I found it on the official website of Shanghai

You can use it for reference, or you can use your mobile phone to inquire about Shanghai

How to apply for registered permanent residence for foreign born newborns in Shanghai