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Paid millions to sign a contract for breach of American surrogacy service and sued the surrogacy company for refund

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Chen said that on December 3, 2015, the couple signed a single course contract for American surrogate mothers with Meijia agency, and signed a supplementary agreement on April 22, 2016, agreeing that the two would pay 1million yuan to enjoy reproductive medical services and achieve the purpose of giving birth to another child

The institution is a one person limited liability institution, and the two have successively paid a total of 1million yuan to the personal account of Mr

Li, the sole shareholder of the institution

The latter two went to the United States for physical examination and drainage promotion, but the institution did not realize the first embryo transfer within one year as agreed in the contract, and did not find a surrogate mother after two years, or even misappropriated funds and did not pay the expenses of the United States medical institution, resulting in the failure to achieve the purpose of the contract


Li agreed to voluntarily return 580000 yuan for unfinished projects

After paying RMB 300000 to Chen, Mr

Li promised that the remaining RMB 280000 would be paid on june1,2017, otherwise the interest would be paid at 3 ‰ per day

However, the above 280000 yuan has not been paid after repeated collection

Therefore, the two defendants were sued to repay the money and interest

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