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The first town of surrogacy in China, where surrogacy is a common practice, is joined by a 50 year old aunt

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Recently, the word "surrogacy" has become popular

Surrogacy is nothing new; Especially in the underground market of surrogacy, surrogacy is concerned by many people

According to incomplete statistics, more than 10000 babies are born through surrogacy every year

So, where do these surrogate women come from? As far as I know, there are more than 400 underground surrogate agencies in China, and the surrogate women they are looking for come from all over the country

Among them, many are from Haokou Town, Qianjiang City, Hubei Province

For example, in Tianhu village and Qili Village of Haokou Town, many women take the risk of surrogacy in order to earn high commissions ranging from 150000 to 200000

Even 50 year old women take the risk of surrogacy

Therefore, Haokou town of Qianjiang City is known as "the first town of surrogacy in China"

When you come to Haokou Town, Qianjiang City, you can see neat new buildings in some villages

Local villagers said that many buildings were built with money from surrogacy

The reason why there are so many surrogacy workers in Haokou town of Qianjiang City is that they see someone making money by surrogacy; Then they were introduced by relatives and friends or local intermediaries

Today, Haokou town of Qianjiang City is a strong economic town, and is selected as the "Top 1000 towns with comprehensive strength in China in 2019"