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Zheng Shuang's surrogacy: behind the story of surrogacy, countless women are making money with their lives!

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The first melon in 2021, Zheng Shuang and the United States want to give up their baby! On January 18, with an article by rolle, Zheng Shuang was completely pushed to the forefront

From the birth certificate of the child to the subsequent revelations, various signs point to the existence of surrogacy in Zheng Shuang

On January 19, Zheng Shuang responded: "this is a very sad and private thing for him

I was unwilling to say more in public

As an artist, I am well aware of the importance of air defense in China

I have not violated domestic instructions in China, and I respect all laws and regulations abroad!" Let me explain some of Zheng Shuang's reactions

In my opinion, the general meaning is: the matter is true, but I did not break the law

I was forced to help! The Three Outlooks were refreshed again

I have money and power

I can really do whatever I want! In India, there are about 3000 clinics doing surrogacy business

Under the signboard of medical tourism, they provide services for foreigners seeking surrogacy

Finding a female surrogate in a legal surrogate state in the United States often costs $150000

In India, you only need to pay $30000 to enjoy the full service

Here, women can get more than 7500 dollars for a surrogate pregnancy

If twins are born, there will be an extra bonus of $1500 to $2000

However, if the abortion is caused by various reasons, the surrogate mother can only get compensation ranging from $60 to $1200

This salary is nothing compared with the income of other domestic surrogacy

But in India, women earn less than $30 a month on average, and the painful return of pregnancy in October is enough to change their lives

Therefore, for most Indian women, surrogacy has become a means of livelihood they consider and choose

But the greater the profit, the higher the risk

Surrogacy is usually produced by caesarean section

The surrogate mother should not only endure all adverse reactions during pregnancy, but also bear a series of risks such as drug damage, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, etc

Even if they die during pregnancy or childbirth, their families can only get tens of thousands of dollars in compensation

In 2015, India announced to cancel the surrogate travel visa and prohibit the provision of surrogate services for overseas female clients in love

Without this "global surrogate factory", those seeking surrogacy have turned their eyes to Ukraine

In Ukraine, surrogacy costs 28

About 50000 yuan

The salary of female surrogacy can reach 20000 US dollars, which is equivalent to 8 times the national average annual salary

The buses and subways there are covered with advertisements for surrogate mothers

As long as you are a Ukrainian girl aged 18-35, you are only one step away from this industry full of temptation and cruelty until poverty beats you

When you decide to enter the industry and make a quick profit, you will find that the fact is completely different from the contract

There is no independent space after pregnancy, so I can only sleep in a bed with other surrogate mothers

The doctor treats you as an animal and is unwilling to provide hot water

Once an accident occurs in the production process, the problem of "maintaining the large or the small" is not tenable here

A baby born ten months later may be "rejected" if there is any physical problem, and "quality" determines the final destination

As a poor woman at the bottom who has no right to speak, only at this time can you find that you have no ability to protect yourself

In this stagnant country, "surrogacy", together with "buying spring" and "Chernobyl", is listed as one of the three reasons for tourists to go to Ukraine

This year, because of the epidemic, foreigners were unable to enter the country

A large number of newborns were trapped in Ukrainian surrogate institutions, waiting for their biological parents to pick them up

Behind the story of surrogacy, countless women are making money with their lives

The grey industry of surrogacy is spreading all over the world

Women have never been fertility tools

All men are born equal and should be respected

As a woman, she should say no to surrogacy

Don't lose herself or hurt herself in order to make money easily! Report / feedback