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Popular surrogate services in Kazakhstan

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http://www。 sina。 com。 CNAT 17:55 on October 30, 2007, the statistics of Xinmin Evening news show that 20% of married couples in Kazakhstan are infertile, and the number of couples with infertility is increasing year by year

Especially male infertility, the growth rate is greater

This makes the "surrogate" service come into being in Kazakhstan, and the "surrogate mother" has an objective consumer market

"Surrogacy" is legal in Kazakhstan

It is legal to ask others to "surrogate", and it is also allowed to be a "surrogate mother"

In 2004, with the entry into force of the law on citizens' reproductive rights and its protection, "surrogacy" gained legal status

According to the provisions of the act, it is allowed to provide and receive "surrogate" services

At present, Kazakhstan has seven medical centers specializing in infertility

In addition to artificial insemination, the medical center also helps patients handle "surrogate services"

So far this year, 30 couples in Almaty have successfully found "surrogate mothers" and solved the problem that they cannot "have children"

In addition to barren couples, there are also many young wives who are unwilling to have children by themselves in order to maintain their figure and avoid the pain of childbirth

Therefore, "giving birth by belly" has become their way out of "having the best of both worlds"

However, due to the market demand, there are a large number of service personnel who want to be "surrogate mothers"

In a medical center in Almaty alone, there are more than 300 registered service personnel

In Kazakhstan, "surrogate mothers" are divided into different grades, and their remuneration is divided into several grades

Higher are urban educated women, followed by general urban women, followed by rural educated women, and lower are rural women with low educational level

The remuneration for "surrogacy" is about $50000 and $2 respectively

$50000 and 1

Ranging from $50000

When choosing "surrogate mothers", intermediary agencies require married women in their 30s who do not smoke or drink, and who have given birth to children

Many problems "surrogacy" has also derived a series of social problems

Due to the lack of clear provisions on safeguarding the legitimate interests of pregnant women and fetuses in the civil reproductive rights and its protection law, their legitimate rights and interests cannot be properly protected

It is particularly noteworthy that, at present, there are no provisions on the rights that the "surrogate mother" should enjoy in the "surrogate" contract, but there are detailed provisions on its responsibilities and obligations

For example, the "surrogate mother" should always pay attention to her own health

If the "surrogate mother" gets sick during her pregnancy and other reasons affect the health of the baby, causing the customer to be dissatisfied with the child after birth, the customer has the right to refuse to accept it

In this case, the "surrogate mother" will not get any remuneration, and the child is likely to become an "abandoned baby" without owner

The only way out is to give it to the orphanage

In addition, the act has no restrictive provisions for those who need "surrogate" services

As long as you can afford the surrogate fee, anyone can get the "surrogate" service, regardless of whether they are infertile or not

Relevant experts and legal workers in Kazakhstan strongly demand that the existing legislation be amended and improved as soon as possible and that the protection of "surrogate women" and infants be strengthened

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