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"Chinese elite" has become a new tourist source for American surrogate egg donation industry

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com > > News Center > > International News  & nbsp; "Chinese elite" became a new tourist source for the American surrogate egg donation industry 2013-12-1321:23:55 & nbsp; Linda Hernandez used to be a music teacher in a primary school

She has been at home since she was laid off by the school district last year

She and her husband, who is also a teacher, have a 7-year-old daughter

All expenses in the family need to be supported by her husband's low salary

More recently, she became pregnant again, but the child was not hers and her husband's, but a couple far away in China - she rented her own uterus, in other words, she was a surrogate mother

After seeing the advertisement in the newspaper, Hernandez signed up with a professional institution and became a surrogate mother after a physical examination and various tests

Her decision was strongly supported by her husband

The couple said they were very happy to do their part for those couples who really wanted to be parents but failed to do so

Of course, they also received a reward of $30000 or $40000, which allowed them to buy a second-hand piano for their children while paying off their credit card debt

Her daughter, like her, has a talent for music and dreams of one day stepping on the stage of Carnegie Hall and becoming a professional pianist

However, due to her poor family, she had to take her daughter to the church to practice the piano

Linda said with tears in her eyes, "God listened to my daughter and me

We helped ourselves as well as others

What I did was not just for money

" Hernandez disclosed to the global times that her mother from China was a businesswoman

She not only visited her frequently during her pregnancy to buy food and gifts for her and her children, but also gave her a red envelope with $10000 in cash when she learned about the remuneration for her surrogacy

Linda said gratefully, "that lady is really generous

May God bless her and her family

" Women like Hernandez, who are in their early 30s, have their own children, have a certain level of education, are in good health, and are supported by their husbands, are the better candidates for surrogate mothers

According to Fox News, when the economy is in recession, the mobile phones of surrogacy and egg donation agencies always ring frequently

Women begin to rent or sell some parts of their bodies in exchange for economic income

There are many middle-class families in the traditional sense and people with relatively high educational standards

Koi Fujiwara, a 25-year-old Asian American female lawyer, is one of many egg donors

Her educational background and appropriate age at the Law School of the University of California Berkeley make her a more popular egg donor

She said that although the work of the law firm is good now, her scalp is numb at the thought of high student loans

Donating eggs can pay off the loans faster and help others

Why not? She has several good girlfriends who have also become egg donors with the same purpose as her

In the United States, California is a state where egg donation and surrogacy are legal

Generally, egg donation can get a reward of 3000 to 5000 dollars

However, compared with other ethnic groups, the number of Asian egg donors is small

If it is a high IQ egg donor like Tengyuan, the price is often more than 10000 or 20000 dollars

Wangtina, a freelance journalist of Chinese descent, told the global times that the whole society is becoming more and more relaxed about surrogacy and egg donation, and even conservative Chinese Americans can easily look at this issue

She said that her cousin was a surrogate mother

The reason why she became a surrogate mother was that she "liked the feeling of pregnancy very much"

Zhangyunren of Southern California reproductive medicine center previously told the media that although California law does not prohibit egg donation and surrogacy as the same person, the reproductive medicine community generally suggests that egg donation and surrogacy belong to two people better, so as to ensure that there will be no parent-child and legal disputes in the future

In addition to the United States, many international couples from other countries eager to become parents are quite important customers in the industry

According to the Chicago Tribune, there are more than 1400 children born to surrogate mothers in the United States every year

According to the 2010 statistics of the surrogate mother center in encina, California, one of the larger surrogate agencies in the United States, more than 24 of the 104 babies born by surrogate mothers have parents from other countries outside the United States

Gera glinswald, director of the family resources advisory center of yingshidaier, said that in the past, the international parents of this industry came from Europe and Latin America, but in recent years, it was China

European and Latin American domestic laws do not allow the existence of surrogate mothers

Parents who are eager to have children are willing to pay 100000 to 150000 dollars to the United States to find surrogate mothers; More recently, new customers from China are willing to pay $150000 to $200000 to have an American child, which has been called "new consumption of China's elite" by Americans

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