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Zheng Shuang's surrogacy is crazy? The American male superstar gave birth to four children through surrogacy and married

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Zheng Shuang's "surrogate abandonment" incident, which lasted nearly a day, finally received a response

On the afternoon of January 19, Zheng Shuang officially wrote that this was a more sad and private matter for him

He did not violate domestic instructions on Chinese territory

Such a response is meaningless and aggravates the bad direction of things

In fact, since yesterday, many netizens have believed that Zheng Shuang's surrogacy and abandonment of children is very crazy

In fact, this matter is not a secret thing in foreign countries

After all, "surrogacy" is allowed in some countries

But relatively speaking, there is still a crazier "surrogate" than Zheng Shuang, and he is also a famous American superstar

The difference is that the superstar has always been very good to the children born by "surrogate"

The 49 year old American "Latin King" Ricky

Martin had earlier attracted some criticism because of his same-sex marriage, but the two men proved their love with practical actions


Martin was given birth to twin sons Valentino and Matteo by his surrogate mother in 2008

The two sons are now 12 years old

It is not difficult to see from the exposed photos that the two sons are very handsome and are not inferior to their two fathers

After marrying her boyfriend jwanyosef, they gave birth to a daughter Lucia (at the end of 18) and a son Renn (in October of 19) through a surrogate mother two years ago

The family of six is very happy, and Ricky

Martin often publishes photos of his parents and children on social networks

On January 19, according to media reports, recently, Ricky

Martin once again showed a photo of playing with his youngest son Renn

It is not difficult to see from the exposed photos that the two father and son are having a great time, Ricky

Martin could not help kissing his son's cheek again and again

This warm scene was really enviable

It is understood that Ricky

Martin officially disclosed his orientation when he first got twins in 2008

This event made him decide to admit his "TZ" identity

After that, Ricky

Martin freely and publicly posted photos of himself and his twin sons on social networking sites

It is precisely because of this activity that he met jwanyosef on social networking sites

After chatting for almost six months, they made an appointment to meet in London, and then freely admitted to being together

It is reported that the difference between them is 13 years old, but there is no generation gap between them

After they get married and find a surrogate mother to conceive a pair of children, Ricky

Martin showed his father's love

When the son asked him, "Dad, have I ever lived in your stomach before?"? He said, "you have lived in my heart ever since, and you still live in my heart today


Words full of love are touching