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650000 start! An institution is suspected of illegal surrogacy and claims to be "legal"

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Original title: 650000 start! An institution is suspected of illegal surrogacy and claims to be "legal" and "surrogacy"

Many countries have also cracked down on this behavior

However, recently, a news that "an institution in Guangzhou is suspected of commercial surrogacy" has aroused a lot of heated discussion

This institution even claims to be "legal surrogacy"

More recently, a number of netizens reported that an organization called "Rainbow baby" in Guangzhou had illegal acts of commercial surrogacy

It is understood that the words "zero risk", "legal" and "Bao Shunli" have appeared many times on the institutional advertisement of the "Rainbow baby"

The agency also said that after the birth of the child, it can help customers settle down legally

According to the public industrial and commercial information, Guangzhou Rainbow Medical Management Co

, Ltd

was established on october12,2016

Its registered business scope includes hospital management, psychological consulting services, social welfare information consulting services, biomedical technology research, etc

However, in their official account profile, they claim to "provide assisted reproduction and pregnancy services"

Xiaomou, the reproductive consultant and head of the agency, said that they can provide domestic surrogacy services

As for the "price", they will set different price packages according to the needs of customers, starting with 650000 and embryo screening for 850000

Xiaomou claimed that customers can choose the "half mother twin" scheme, which is "smooth"

On the morning of April 30, the reporter visited the public office of Guangzhou "Rainbow baby" organization, but at this time, the door of the organization was closed

The screenshot provided by netizens showed that various group photos were posted on the internal display wall of the organization, and many of them contained pictures of men holding babies

According to the introduction of the property owner of the building, the institution concerned began to work in May, 2018 and has recently started to return to work

However, on April 27, after the police station and relevant staff in the area investigated, there were no employees of this institution

For the business scope involved in this institution, the property owner of the building said he did not know

In response to the suspected violation of "Rainbow baby", Guangzhou Public Security responded that the relevant departments were following up, and the staff of Tianhe District Health Bureau also responded that they had followed up the investigation

In addition, with regard to the investigation progress of this institution, the relevant staff of the market supervision bureau within the jurisdiction introduced that they have been informed of this matter

The part involving illegal medical practice should be led by the health department, and the market supervision department will continue to follow up to investigate whether there are any violations in the operation of this institution

Previously, the agency spread the information of surrogacy through the Internet, and even spread the statement that "surrogacy belongs to a gray area in China and is not illegal"

The lawyer said that there is no gray area in China's law about surrogacy

As an intermediary or providing "surrogacy" services, illegal institutions may be suspected of illegal medical practice

If there is a commercial purpose, they will be suspected of the crime of illegal business operation

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