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The little doctor's wife of the sick boss the devil in other people's eyes is the little girl in his eyes!

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Dear readers, how are you? Recently, many fans have reported that they are in the situation of book shortage, and Xiaobian, an old fan, feels the same

Today, Xiaobian will continue to introduce good-looking novels to the fans, and let the fans stay awake every minute! If you like it, remember to collect it

Don't worry about the shortage of books in the future! Today, I would like to recommend to you the little doctor's wife of the sick boss

The devil in other people's eyes is the little girl in his eyes! Introduce: when thousand deep, he is cold-blooded and ruthless dark organization leader, but use affection to her only

Deep, "I was the sniper on the rooftop

" Lu Shao started to laugh softly

"So what?" "I'll kill you," he said in horror "Enjoy it

" "What will you do if I go?" "I will eat your ashes and go to the yellow spring

" "Stupid, can't you go with me?" Guide to getting into the pit: Lu shengran didn't expect that she was angry, let alone that she answered conditionally, "I'm not human

" Qian Shen was very satisfied with his answer, but it did not mean that he could let go of what he had done

So after eating the fried dough sticks, the two began to make trouble in the villa again

Is it lucky or unfortunate that two people who had not met before were connected by an accident? Is it redemption or abyss? After the fight, Lu shengran was not angry but happy

He didn't know what was wrong with him, but he just couldn't resist qianshen's approach

Even though he knew that she didn't like him, he still wanted to keep her with him

Even if you can't get her heart, it's OK to stay

There are many traces on Qian Shen's neck

He can't go out directly

Lu shengran pulls Qian Shen to his mother's room to make up

About half an hour later, the two people went out slowly to take wedding photos

Qian Shen was sitting in the co pilot's seat, holding the window with one hand, looking at the scenery constantly pushing out the window

The wind lifted her soft hair, and the faint fragrance entered Lu shengran's breath with the wind

"It smells good

Did you wear perfume?" Lushengran pulls aside the topic, but it is obvious that the other party doesn't want to talk to him at all

Blame him? (click the link below to read for free) Introduction: the little doctor's wife of the sick boss the devil in other people's eyes is the little girl in his eyes! A kidnapping and trafficking case pushed a seven year old "calm and sick" boy and a half month old "disabled and determined" baby girl to the brink of death

In the process of bizarre self-help, the two forged an indissoluble bond

Eighteen years later, he was a world-famous boss, a domestic treasure, a hero of the people, and a nemesis of the enemy, but she was sick and charming in her eyes

She is the heir of a traditional Chinese medicine family who only wants to be an ordinary doctor, the goddess in the eyes of patients and the female devil in the eyes of opponents, But it is a little guide to getting into the pit in his eyes: 007 said: "I have made all the data into text messages and sent them to the mailbox of my grandfather and grandmother

As soon as they turn on their mobile phone or computer, they can see your situation

They also left the mobile phone of the police station behind the message

If they believe it, they will take the initiative to contact the police here

" "The police can hardly find out your identity before they catch the traffickers

Therefore, they will leave you in the police station to take care of you

Now, we just need to wait quietly

" It didn't tell the owner

In order to increase the credibility, it also specially attached the whole process from Su Waner donating the third generation test tube, wangguangyu taking the egg, cultivating the embryo, implanting the surrogate mother, to birth, not being recognized, and later being sold by the surrogate

It believed that the two old men would come to meet someone when they saw the letter

"Yes!" The baby closed his eyes and fell asleep safely

When things happen, she will try her best to strive for better conditions for herself, but she will not force things that do not belong to her

Whether it's family or something else

Just like in the underground parking lot, when she learned that she was a child who was not expected by biological father, her heart was calm as if she was listening to others

(click the link below to read for free) Introduction: I said that there is no beauty in the world after seeing Jiang Zhi

Zhouxufang only said: he is my Jiang beauty

Later, when they got together, Zhou Xufang always worried about one thing: "what will our children be like in the future? Will they be healthy?" Jiang Zhi pestered her: "it doesn't matter what it is

" Love each other and be sweet and clean

Pit entry Guide: Jiang Zhi called the police

Zhouxufang took a police car to the police station

Jiang Zhi went to the hospital first to deal with the injury

His hand bone was dislocated

Fortunately, it was not torn

After restoration, it was no big deal

However, he was guilty of cleanliness mania

He couldn't help being bloody

Regardless of the doctor's advice, he had to take a bath for half an hour

At 9:30 p


, Jiang Zhi arrived at the police station

It had been two hours since Zhou Xufang was arrested

Because Jiang Zhi was involved, Qiao Nanchu made a special trip to the Criminal Investigation Brigade

"So you want to sue her? In the name of intentional injury?" Jiang zhiwo was sitting on the chair, his fingers wrapped around the bandage of the wound, and he was cold with a handsome face without expression: "the prosecution process is too troublesome

" Joe Nan Chu pulled a chair and sat down

He picked his eyes slightly

"What do you want?" He moved his wrist

"Shut it up for a few days

" "And then?" Then -- Jiang Zhi was thinking, ah Wan said, "Jiang Shao

" He raised his eyelids

Ah Wan, a big man, blocked a large area of light, and his expression was very honest: "she is the group of actors who were injured on the set today

" Good advice is hard to hear, but ah Wan feels compelled to say it

(click the link below to read for free) that's all for today's recommendation

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