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Surrogacy is neither legal nor ethical in China at present. Which is more important, blood relatives or parenting?

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Niuniu: many people are talking about surrogacy these days

Ice sea: there are two kinds of surrogacy

One is pregnancy surrogacy, which requires the implantation of sperm and eggs in the surrogate mother

The other is to use the eggs of a surrogate mother

In France and Germany, surrogacy is regarded as undermining the dignity of women and is completely prohibited

However, California, Russia and Ukraine in the United States still allow commercial surrogacy, which is regarded as the pursuit of women's independent spirit

Niuniu: so if you exclude legal factors, do you think surrogacy is ethical from an ethical point of view? Ice sea: This is a complicated problem

Let me make a statement first: we can't do anything illegal

Whether at home or abroad, we advocate that Chinese people abide by Chinese laws, especially the criminal law

Excluding the legal aspect, my personal opinion is that surrogacy is unethical according to the generally acceptable standard in China at present

Niuniu: you obviously have an implication

Binghai: Well, when discussing ethical issues, we must consider the social environment

Ethics is not unchangeable for ten thousand years

It will even change with the development of technical conditions

Some ethics may be universally applicable, because human beings within the four seas have the same situation, but some ethics are not

For example, before the invention of anesthesia technology and disinfection concept, it was impossible for pregnant women to have a caesarean section

But later, with anesthesia and disinfection, the possibility and profit rate of caesarean section of pregnant women have greatly increased, especially for some pregnant women with difficult labor, which is a "Gospel"

Of course, for healthy pregnant women, we advocate natural childbirth

Niuniu: that's good

What's the ethical problem? Binghai: now you may not even think about it

At that time, a large number of people opposed caesarean section under anesthesia

The reason is that in Genesis 3-16 of the Old Testament, God said to women, "you will give birth to children in pain


So if women can use anesthesia to avoid pain during childbirth, it is against the ethics at that time

Niuniu: you're talking about religion

It's a long time ago

Do you have any recent examples? The better is Chinese

Binghai: Yes, at the end of the Ming Dynasty, many Nuzhen people practiced "step marriage"

Generally speaking, when a man died, his brother could take over his brother's wife, and even a son who was not related by blood could take over his mother

Niuniu: Er

Binghai: Yes, it was against the ethics of the Central Plains at that time

So although Xiaozhuang may not have an affair with Dourgen, even if it is true, it is also in line with the nomadic ethics

In their eyes, it was probably a big deal, but it must have been regarded as a shame by the Central Plains doctors at that time

Niuniu: No, it's a bit shocking, but it's a nomadic people

You have to find someone from the Han culture

Binghai: that's OK

Have you heard of twenty four filial piety? Such things as "burying children and serving their mothers" can certainly be linked to the death penalty in modern times

There are also problems such as eating beef and eating dog meat

The former may not be acceptable to the ancients, but most modern people can accept it

The latter may not be a problem for the ancients, but more and more people find it unacceptable in modern times

Niuniu: in short, you mean that ethics is always changing, right? Binghai: Yes, different times, different regions, different nationalities and beliefs will establish different ethical concepts

The past will change, and the content of ethics will change now as well as in the future

Niuniu: back to the original question, is surrogacy the same? Binghai: Yes, in different countries, or at different stages in the same country, whether surrogacy is ethical will vary

In fact, for a long time in the last century, we generally believed that "same-sex love" was against ethics

But in modern times, more and more people feel that this is a matter of course

In short, excluding legal issues, surrogacy is unethical at present, even if there are no legal issues

But it may one day become ethical

Niuniu: you know some women may be tortured

Binghai: wait a minute

I know all the questions you have to say

First of all, if it is illegal, no one will do it

If it is legal and there is a formal way, it may not be that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

Secondly, I certainly did not say that it will definitely conform to ethics in the future

Whether it is possible in the future depends on whether the social environment will change in a certain direction

Niuniu: what if some people want children but can't have them? Binghai: that can be adopted

China has implemented the adoption law of the people's Republic of China since 1992

The current civil code further confirms that legally adopted children and legitimate children have the same rights and obligations

At the extreme, if you adopt a child, even if you divorce, you have to pay alimony - even though he is not related to you by blood

Niuniu: This shows that blood relationship in the physiological sense is not so important, right? Binghai: legally

And in real life, many adopted families have very good feelings

On the contrary, the biological parents of those abandoned children personally feel ashamed to talk about emotional issues with their physical children

Niuniu: now there is a saying that "if you are not born in October, you will naturally have no feelings"

What do you think of this saying? Ice sea: from the perspective of statistics, it may be so

But I think this statement is not comprehensive, because it offends those families who regard the adoption of children as their own - they also have not experienced October pregnancy, and they can pour their love

Therefore, don't take "no experience of pregnancy in October" as an excuse for "lack of humanity and morality"

Niuniu: Yes, it is said that Angelina Jolie adopted a 3-month-old orphan when she was unmarried

In 2005, she fell in love with Brad Pitt and adopted a 6-month-old baby in Ethiopia

Later, they married and welcomed their first biological daughter

In 2007, they adopted a Vietnamese orphan

The next year, they welcomed their own twins

Can play werewolf kill together

Binghai: so, I think that surrogacy is more emotional and more responsible

However, this does not mean that there is no need to have feelings and responsibilities if there is no birth or maintenance

Such feelings and responsibilities should not be based on childbirth or even DNA inheritance

Suppose someone stealthily took my DNA and created a baby

Then I can only answer with regret: I have no emotion or responsibility with this baby

I have to call the police and arrest you

Niuniu: So where should Hewa's feelings and responsibilities be reflected? Binghai: I personally believe that as long as the child is "born for you, created for you, and created or raised by your subjective desire", your feelings and responsibilities are natural, whether he is your own or not, whether he has your DNA or not

In a word, I think that some abandoned people lack morality, not because she is the child's biological mother, or even because of that DNA, but because she chose to have children voluntarily, but when she was responsible for this, she just wanted to escape

So DNA doesn't matter here

To put it in an extreme way, even if you create an AI person and adopt a small animal, they don't have your DNA at all, and they may not even have ideas, but you should also be responsible for them, let alone people

Niuniu: didn't you say that ethics will change with the development of society? Your ethics is also quite personal, and it is possible that one day the social ethics will not be on your side

Binghai: you're right

However, no matter how the social ethics changes, it does not prevent me from dragging it in the direction I want in my lifetime

I think this is also everyone's social responsibility

Ethics sometimes hinders the development of some technologies and even the progress of science, but I don't think it's a bad thing