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Safety of test tube babies in Russia

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Russian test tube babies have brought new hope to couples who are unable to conceive

However, there are still more or less doubts about the safety of Russian test tube babies

Let me give you the following answer: the safety of Russian test tube babies! 1

What is the difference between test tube baby and natural pregnancy? According to big data, whether infertile couples are assisted by test tube baby technology or couples who are normally pregnant, will the incidence rate of birth defects of their babies be higher than that of couples with natural pregnancy

Researchers believe that the main factors of IVF disease are actually related to the disease factors of both husband and wife

For the current 8million test tube babies, the vast majority of the babies born are very healthy


Test tube baby "personalization" with the development of test tube baby technology in China for 30 years, the third generation test tube baby technology has also been implemented in China, and many couples may move their baby's personalized mind

As Article 17 of China's measures for the administration of human assisted reproductive technology clearly stipulates that doctors or patients who implement IVF cannot have personalized needs for them, they also need to apply for the implementation of the third-generation IVF technology for genetic diseases, mainly to eliminate the personalized differentiation of IVF

If there is a personalized demand, it is recommended that you go to Russia to be a test tube baby


In fact, in the process of embryo transfer, it is necessary to transfer multiple embryos to increase the pregnancy rate

Test tube babies do increase the risk of multiple pregnancies, but multiple pregnancies significantly increase the risk of complications such as pregnancy induced hypertension, hyperemesis gravidarum, and gestational diabetes

It also doubles the risk of fetal intrauterine growth restriction, neonatal asphyxia, intracranial hemorrhage and so on

Therefore, multiple pregnancy has always been the result that doctors who implement test tube baby hope to avoid

If the number of fetuses is too large, fetal reduction treatment should be considered

The favorable rate of test tube baby is about 70%~80%, and the favorable rate of frozen oocyte technology can reach more than 80%

Improving the favorable rate of test tube baby requires the joint efforts of the pregnant couple and the doctor

First of all, the couple should choose a hospital with the qualification of test tube baby implementation, let the trusted doctors choose the appropriate ovulation promotion program, and treat the original endometriosis, ovulation disorders and other problems of infertile women

Pregnant couples should quit smoking and drinking, maintain good mood, and pay attention to the cleanness of their living environment

In addition, obese women should pay particular attention to losing weight through exercise and reasonable diet

The above is an introduction to "the safety of test tube babies in Russia"

I hope it can help you

Test tube baby is a very mature assisted reproductive technology, through which couples preparing for pregnancy can obtain healthy babies