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Ukraine becomes the "surrogate capital" of Europe

2022-07-10 19:51 browse:

[Global Times comprehensive report] "it is popular for rich people to find surrogacy in Ukraine!" As one of the poorer countries in Europe, Ukraine has become the "surrogate capital" of Europe, the BBC reported on the 13th

It is reported that since 2015, with the increasingly strict regulation of traditional surrogacy places such as India, Nepal and Thailand, western rich people looking for women's surrogacy began to quickly flow into Ukraine

Surrogacy is completely legal in Ukraine, and the law stipulates that the party entrusted with surrogacy is the legal parent of the baby, so it is not easy to have disputes

According to local laws, only women who already have children can surrogate others

An Australian charity focusing on surrogacy Affairs said that the number of surrogacy in Ukraine has surged by 1000% in the past two years, and the country has almost become one of the few destinations in the world that allow "surrogacy tourism"

Anna, a former surrogate mother, told reporters that the surrogate information in Ukraine is relatively transparent, and she can find information about surrogate agencies online

At present, Anna has started her second surrogate business

She and the Japanese couple entrusted with surrogacy do not need to meet and communicate completely through the other party's lawyer

If all goes well, Anna will become a mother of three children at the age of 24 - one of her own and two of others' children

Surrogate women often earn a good income

Anna said that she usually earns $200 a month at work, and that a surrogate can earn $20000

There are not a few Ukrainian women who voluntarily engage in surrogacy in order to "improve their lives"

However, women engaged in surrogacy still face risks, and their health and welfare are sometimes difficult to guarantee

Anna said that at the beginning of her first surrogacy, all the processes were very smooth, and the surrogacy agency was friendly to her

But when her normal pregnancy began to prepare for delivery, the surrogate Agency began to ignore her

It is said that there are surrogate women in the local area who have miscarriage

As a result, they are not only physically damaged, but also unable to earn commissions