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Zheng Shuang's ex boyfriend suddenly showed photos of her two children in the United States, where surrogacy is allowed

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A few years ago, Zheng Shuang was asked if she wanted to have children

She said she wanted to have three

MaTianyu teased her: "just your little arms and legs, do you still want to have three?" Her then boyfriend Zhang Heng stood outside the studio watching her smile

Zheng Shuang said that he wanted to have three children, and added: "it is better to have dragon and Phoenix foetuses

" The host shouted to Zhang Heng outside the studio, and Zhang Heng laughed but said nothing

After the two broke up, in 2020, Zheng Shuang, who was born in 1991, was gradually approaching the age of 30

On the program, she was asked whether she liked children

She said, "yes, very much

And the plan is very clear

" Everyone was curious about her plans

Zheng Shuang said, "as actors, our lives are irregular and our bodies consume too much

In fact, girls' bodies will be disordered

For example, foreign countries have such plans because they have freezing technology

" Unexpectedly, in 2021, her former boyfriend Zhang Heng suddenly showed a photo of her two children in the United States, where freezing and labor were allowed

The two children are in their early one year old

It is estimated that the time of conception is during their love affair with Zheng Shuang

The author does not speculate too much

The public legal proceedings in the United States show that the two are fighting a lawsuit

Is it a coincidence that the former boyfriend Zhang Heng suddenly announced the plans of the twins and Zheng Shuang

Now the epidemic in the United States is serious

If one of the parents does not cooperate with the formalities, the child will not be able to get a passport to return home

Zhang Heng suddenly revealed his two children

I wonder if he wants to put some pressure on his biological mother

Female stars are rich people who are more afraid of the harm of childbirth

In fact, ordinary women are also afraid of the pain and sequelae of childbirth, but they don't have so many choices

After marriage, Michelle Reis and xujinheng still have to keep their own room in the mansion

She said that women must have their own space

It seems that she also cherishes herself after marriage

The two children never revealed the picture of Michelle Reis's pregnant belly

After giving birth to the child, she was still as beautiful as a flower

The rumor that she had asked someone to do it for her became more and more true

Coincidentally, she also said publicly that it was possible to freeze the raw materials for fertility

Childbirth is a barrier for all women

Ordinary people must go through the "9981" difficulty and pay the price of physical health and appearance

But female stars or rich people always have other ways to cross this barrier easily

Will they cherish their children? Everyone has his own destiny

I hope they can treat their children as well as all mothers