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Ukraine, how to become a European womb step by step

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Why did the world's third nuclear power become the womb of Europe? What happened to Ukraine in recent years? In the Soviet era, Ukraine was able to produce aircraft carriers, tanks and larger aircraft in the world

It was the heart of the Soviet aviation industry and a more powerful engine

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine inherited one third of its industrial strength and became the third nuclear power in the world

Today Ukraine's louder name is the womb of Europe

Ukraine ranks first

In recent years, Ukraine's economy has been very depressed

In 2018, Ukraine's per capita GDP was US $3058, which is poorer in Europe

The monthly salary of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is generally 2000-3000 yuan, and has maintained this level for many years

However, there is an industry that makes a lot of money, that is, surrogacy

The price of surrogacy for Ukrainian women is mostly about 40000 US dollars

Excluding various expenses, you can get it later


About 50000 US dollars, which is the income of ordinary Ukrainians for three years

Although there is no clear data to prove, Ukraine is still recognized as the country with more surrogacy and the surrogate capital

Why did Ukrainian leaders let their own country go on this road of no return

Second, when it comes to the post disintegration crisis, we all say that Ukraine was bewitched and deceived by the West

For some economic assistance, it took the initiative to destroy nuclear weapons and lost its foundation to become a great power

But there are some subtle differences

Even if Ukraine does not take the initiative, the United States and Russia will let it take the initiative

Because Ukraine's position is too important

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was in chaos under Yeltsin's leadership

The Ukrainian people saw such a scene and wavered between pro Russian and pro European

This gives the western countries a chance to take advantage of the weakness

The buffer zone between Russia and Europe directly bursts into Ukraine from the Balkans

Disputes over Ukraine are increasing, and neither Russia nor Europe wants this land to develop

Yeltsin and Ukraine were not up to their standards

Just after independence, the road went astray with the big brother Russia

At that time, Russian President Yeltsin did everything he could to destroy the old system of the Soviet Union, directly implemented shock therapy and sold the country clean

The first president of Ukraine followed suit

He also adopted shock therapy, opening up the market, liberalizing prices and privatizing state-owned enterprises

Some people seized the opportunity to seize state-owned assets and quickly rose to become oligarchs

However, the government is facing serious inflation, economic collapse and domestic crisis

Ukraine is not Russia, and there is no Putin to save the situation

With the rapid political and economic deterioration of Putin, the president was ousted from office

Kuchma, who succeeded him later, failed to change the situation in Ukraine

The economy continued to be depressed

When he left office and held the next presidential election, Ukraine witnessed a revolution that changed its destiny and ushered in an "unprecedented" president

Thirdly, in October, 2004, Ukraine held a presidential election

However, as no candidate reached the 50% majority required by law in the general election, it was decided to hold a re-election between Yushchenko and Yanukovych who won more votes in November, and then officially announced that Yanukovych won with a 3% lead

However, Yanukovych's opinion poll results showed that Yushchenko's public support rate took the lead of 11%

The huge difference caused strong anger among the people

Many domestic and foreign observers also said that Yanukovych's victory was caused by fraud

Yushchenko publicly called for public protest and called for a new election

Large scale demonstrations broke out in major cities in Ukraine

People dressed in orange representing Yushchenko marched peacefully to the Ukrainian parliament

In the end, the higher court declared the election invalid, and the election was resumed

Yushchenko won with 52% of the results, and the revolution won completely

However, in such a chaotic situation, how can the United States not participate? The United States is a good player in the color revolution

In order to make the new Ukrainian government follow the United States and prevent the election of Pro Russian Yanukovych, the United States and other western countries have provided a lot of financial support for Yushchenko

The U


domestic Democracy Foundation has provided more than $65million in political funds to Ukrainian revolutionary members and conducted systematic training for them, Train them to organize tactics of nonviolent resistance

As expected, Yushchenko, who eventually took office, had a clear anti Russian position and was very pro american

Although Yushchenko's march was mild, it became the beginning of a series of protests

Since then, protests have gradually increased and the way has become worse

Fourth, Yushchenko's "feat" Yushchenko is a firm anti Russian and never compromises with Russia

During his term of office, there was a serious political crisis almost every year, and his economic policy was even more wordless, which directly pushed Ukrainian girls into the abyss

As soon as he took office, Yushchenko made a "great feat", announcing that 80% of the government budget in 2005 would be used for welfare expenditure to improve the living standards of all the people, and that national defense, education and infrastructure would be eliminated

Of course, the people were very happy when the government paid money

Yushchenko's support rate soared all the way, completely stabilizing the regime

The economy of Ukraine, on the other hand, fell sharply

In 2004, the GDP growth rate of Ukraine was still 12%

In 2005, when the new government came to power, the GDP growth rate of Ukraine was only 3%

The Ukrainian beauty economy is in crisis, and the government begins to use all means

In 2006, Ukraine liberalized the legal restrictions and greatly reduced the punishment for prostitution

The pornographic industry in Ukraine began to develop and gradually grew

Ukraine has become a famous red light district in Europe

At the same time, it has also become a country with a higher AIDS infection rate in Europe

The financial crisis in 2008 directly pushed Ukraine to the bottom

Coupled with the pro US Yushchenko, Russia Ukraine relations have been deteriorating

The price of natural gas sold by Russia to Ukraine is higher than that of the whole Europe, and it has repeatedly threatened to cut off the supply of natural gas

The economy has been languishing for years

Fifthly, in the face of the Ukrainian crisis, the Ukrainian people think it would be better to have a pro Russian president

In 2010, Yanukovych was elected president, but there was nothing worse but worse

Yanukovych directly chose to turn to Russia and suspend his EU membership, which caused strong dissatisfaction in the West and led to the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis with their support

The opposition launched a demonstration to demand Yanukovych to step down, and then Ukraine's higher parliament dismissed Yanukovych as president

Ukraine fell into chaos

Poroshenko Russia also took the opportunity to annex Crimea

The continuous geopolitical conflicts caused the direct collapse of the Ukrainian economy closely related to Russia

In 2014, the European reconstruction and development bank lowered the economic growth expectation of Ukraine from -7% to -9%

Under such a situation, the Ukrainian people chose a pro american president, Poroshenko

By 2016, the Ukrainian economy has got rid of negative growth, and his method of boosting the economy can be seen from some data

Sixth, the development of the surrogacy market between 2016 and 2017, the demand of the surrogacy market in Ukraine surged 10 times

Compared with the United States and Russia, the surrogacy price in Ukraine is lower

With the support of the government, the surrogacy industry chain in Ukraine is very complete, and after full commercial development, Ukraine has become a better choice in the West

The pornographic industry and surrogate industry in Ukraine have gradually become more famous industries in Ukraine, bringing a large amount of foreign exchange income to the government

Ukrainian women have become a domestic tool for making money

When something becomes normal, few people will consider whether it is reasonable

In 2019, the national comedian Zelensky became president, which shows that the Ukrainian people are tired of liars and want to change their minds, but it is hard to return, and there is still a long way to go

Poverty is not an excuse, nor should it turn into a naked evil

It is not Ukrainian girls who sell their wombs, it is Ukrainian girls who sell domestic girls

In a country that has no dignity and sells its own people, the consequences will be borne by all the people