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In order to make more money, the Ukrainian surrogate mother claimed that we were treated like cows

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When the profit reaches 10%, some people are ready to move; When the profit reaches 50%, some people dare to take risks; When the profit reaches 99

99% of the time, they dare to trample all human laws; When the profit reaches 300%, even the gallows are not afraid

"In today's increasingly developed modern society, many behaviors that were not accepted by people have been gradually opened up and accepted by people

This is a kind of progress of the times and an open mind

But while the mind is open, some behaviors are also struggling in people's disputes

They are not recognized by the public, But it still exists in the corner of society

Surrogacy, a product of the new era supported by modern technology, has been a controversial new industry since its inception

Although the surrogacy industry is gradually understood by the public, many people still cannot accept the existence of this industry

The existence of this industry has damaged the image of traditional mothers in the history of human development

In the days of the public, the act of childbirth itself is a traditional image integrating childbirth and kinship

However, the emergence of the surrogacy industry has broken people's understanding

Therefore, this industry has been controversial until now, Our country has strictly prohibited and cracked down on the breeding of the surrogacy industry

However, there are not only the bright side, but also the dark side

Status of surrogate mothers in Ukraine in this society where interests are paramount, anything profitable will attract a large number of people to rush in

Especially under the prohibition of many international societies, surrogacy has become a synonym for windfall profits

Therefore, Ukraine has become a global surrogate factory

Under great interests, many people in Ukraine have begun to build clinics and apartments, For reasons of livelihood, some women in Ukraine also began to enter the surrogate industry to become surrogate mothers

However, the chaos of the industry and the profit seeking nature of businessmen make the treatment environment of these surrogate mothers not as beautiful as the outside world imagined

Some surrogate mothers claim that they are treated like cows

Surrogate agencies treat them like cows

They feed them regularly every day and imprison them in a narrow space

They can't move around at will

In addition to regular physical examinations, they can't have too much communication with the outside world

Here we see the true side of human indifference and the supremacy of interests, and even many unknown darkness is surging

In the eyes of businessmen, they are not vulnerable groups in the society

They are a commodity that can help them obtain many benefits

Ukraine is an extremely special country

Its particularity lies in its special laws

In Ukraine, we can find effective ways to legalize many things that are prohibited in the world

The special national conditions and special laws provide convenience for the industry of surrogacy

Even in many public places in Ukraine, we can see many small advertisements of surrogacy

Among these advertisements, Called the continuation of the race and the great mother, it is mercilessly regarded as a commodity here

In the harsh surrogacy environment in Ukraine, they are clearly priced

At the same time, these advertisements will also give high returns to some economically poor women in order to expect more and more women to join surrogacy agencies to surrogate them

Unlike Chinese women, Ukrainian women have a very low social status

They cannot engage in high-end industries and receive high remuneration

They are at the bottom of the society and have only a small monthly income, However, as a surrogate mother, every baby born can get an income of 10000 US dollars

The meager income from routine work forms a huge contrast with the rich income of the surrogate mother, which makes more and more Ukrainian women join the surrogate industry

Because of its particularity, the surrogacy market in Ukraine is very hot, which means fierce competition

Compared with millions of surrogacy fees in the United States, it only costs 50000 euros to surrogate a baby in Ukraine

This price is very cost-effective for some user groups who want to surrogate babies, but when people see the bright side, Few people will notice the darkness behind the brilliance

Although Ukraine does not explicitly prohibit the existence of the surrogate industry, its laws do not provide any protection for the rights and interests of surrogate mothers, which makes the surrogate mother's surrogate environment very bad, and even their many behaviors should be restricted until they give birth to a baby

Despite the controversial points, when this industry is concerned by many people, or even popular, it shows that the market needs the existence of this industry

03 with the development of time, the unrecognized surrogate industry makes people understand surrogate mothers because they need to survive under the existence and dispute

At the same time, the industry is more of a huge profit, making a lot of capital pour into Ukraine to share

When the existence is reasonable, we should also consider whether it conforms to the current human values

Human civilization has been able to develop with respect for life and nature

The existence of the surrogacy industry is more about selling women and babies as a commodity, and they are labeled with a price tag

This is why many domestic countries strictly prohibit the commercialization of surrogacy

Once surrogacy is legal, women's social status will be further compressed, and they will become a cash cow for many capital

At that time, their treatment will be further compressed

Surrogacy is not only in Ukraine, but also in many countries around the world

This industry is more of a gray industry

Women are voluntary

Surrogacy agencies have a demand

The two parties have reached a cooperative sale

However, when it is legal, it is unknown whether women at that time can really voluntarily engage in this industry

04 being born a man, remember to respect life

The reason why a man is a man is more because human beings have a society, a value system and a civilization system

In this system, human nature exists between people

Although human nature is a complex thing, even if it is more complex, it still cannot escape the bottom line of morality and ethics

Although human civilization has developed for thousands of years, However, compared with the development of nature, human beings are just a drop in the ocean in the development track of nature

To be human, the first thing to do is to respect life

This kind of life is not only human life, but also any kind of life in nature

Human beings are just a member of all things in the world

It is a more basic condition for human beings to respect life

In China's traditional culture, mother has always been a great image

She is an indispensable role in every child's life

Although the times are constantly developing, human beings can choose to retain or remove them in the process of development

Even if these emerging industries have huge potential markets, they also need to follow the basic ethical bottom line, respect life and respect the identity of mother, Is the more basic bottom line

After that, surrogacy is illegal

Don't try it

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