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I sold my womb and my life.

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A few days ago, Aunt Wang's 24-year-old daughter Xiao Li committed suicide

The suicide note said: "Mom, I sold my uterus for 20 yuan

" it started two months ago

Aunt Wang saw a brand of diapers doing special sales in the community when she bought vegetables in the morning, and she went home to urge Xiao Li to grab the goods

A stranger next to the booth pointed to a large truck not far away and said, "I have goods

A bag is 20 yuan cheaper

" Xiao Mo and the stranger got into the van

The stranger asked her, "would you like to donate eggs? 20000 each

" Xiao Li pondered that she had children, and thought that she could make money

It was a pie in the sky! It's worth it! Both parties have agreed on the time to promote the discharge

What Xiao Li met was an underground egg trading agency

At the time of promoting the discharge, the intermediary told her: "the employer also wants to borrow your uterus as a surrogate, 250000

" Xiaoli's husband felt awkward, but he failed to resist Xiaoli's persuasion and the temptation of 250000 yuan

Xiao Li went to the agency again and saw his employer

Employer requirements: direct sexual intercourse

Xiao Li certainly refused

The intermediary has already collected the money

Don't let Xiao Mo go back

Xiao Li was raped

Xiao Li didn't know how to meet her family

She committed suicide three days later and left her half-year-old daughter behind

In this way, from 20 yuan to 20000 yuan or 200000 yuan

Xiao Li fell into the trap step by step until he came to a dead end

What can I say about this? But since innocent lives have passed away, I immediately have a strong sense of mission to help the world and save people

I want to tell you how miserable it is to "sell the uterus"

On April 1, about 170000 people were diagnosed in the United States

Now, more than 500W were diagnosed in the United States

However, this month, New York State quietly

Passed the commercial surrogacy law

Legal surrogacy? U


governor Cuomo announced that "in order to take care of infertile people or same-sex partners, New York State will cancel the surrogacy ban this year and legislate to regulate it so that both surrogacy parties can be guaranteed

" This seems to be a friendly plan for everyone

Infertile people or same-sex partners can have children, and surrogate mothers can also be guaranteed? Absolutely not! This decision shocked many people to speechless

It sounds too high sounding

Taking advantage of the weakness of human nature seems to be "taking what they need", but it is actually putting a layer of skin on their own ugliness

"These pregnant women are either old or have no skills, so they can earn money that they can't get for three years

They can't wait

Do you know how grateful some women are to me? They all kneel down to me when they get the money

" This is a passage from Wang of the underground surrogacy agency

After listening to her words, I got a lump in my throat

▲ the Ukrainian surrogacy agency should remember one sentence: no matter how sacred, beautiful and beneficial the surrogacy supporters say about surrogacy, they can't hide the fact that they don't want to be a surrogate to get the benefits they say

The terrible things behind this fact will shatter everything we hope for in our ideals, including our socialist domestic ideal! ▲ these girls are clearly priced, such as rape, physical injury, and later custody disputes, which are obstacles that surrogacy can not overcome

Some people will say, isn't it just having a baby? What harm can it do to the body? There are too many people harmed by ignorance

Artificial pregnancy will cause serious damage to the mother

Improper operation during artificial pregnancy may cause uterine bleeding and cervical canal damage, and artificial pregnancy will also cause abdominal pain and a series of complications

Hundreds of thousands sold the womb? Your uterus is priceless

You go to the hospital gynecological corridor to see how many women cry because there is no uterus? Do you want to search the microblog and find out how many critical views you have on surrogacy? Ask the person who bewitched you to surrogate again

Is she willing to surrogate herself? How did China's underground surrogate market come into being? Supply and demand

The incidence rate of infertility in China has been higher in history, and many people are "unable to give birth"

Zhengyunzhen, President of Hengbo obstetrics and Gynecology and director of reproductive medicine center, said that in China, 90% of the families who gave birth through surrogacy were "unable to give birth"

According to the updated statistics, the incidence rate of infertility in China is as high as 15%

Secondly, as of 2017, more than 1 million families had lost their independence in China, and most of these parents had lost their fertility

After the death of the only child for some reason, many parents who lost their only child gave up their jobs and devoted themselves to the "cause" of creating people, which directly led to the increase in the demand for surrogacy services

But infertility can be treated

Why do you have to hurt others? Do surrogate mothers really want to sell their womb for money and have no pity on God's gift? What are the disadvantages of surrogacy? 1

The fetus may be deformed

Surrogacy requires the use of "test tube baby" technology, that is, to complete the in vitro fertilization process in an artificially controlled environment

This kind of human intervention will make sperm lose the competitive opportunity of survival of the fittest, which will cause the defective Y chromosome to be inherited

In order to ensure the favorable rate, hospitals usually adopt multiple pregnancy, which will further increase the incidence of incomplete and premature fertilized embryos

Before embryo transfer, a large amount of progesterone must be injected into the surrogate mother to inhibit the uterine activity, so that the fertilized egg can be successfully implanted and the placenta can be produced

However, a large amount of progesterone can also lead to fetal spinal column, anus, limbs and other deformities, and the teratogenic rate is 8 times that of normal pregnancy


The life of the surrogate is in danger

Multiple pregnancies in surrogacy will lead to more pregnancy complications

What is more frightening is that pregnancy complications will not completely disappear with the end of pregnancy

Some diseases will follow women for a lifetime

Because surrogate women are not naturally pregnant, the risk of abortion and premature birth is much greater than that of normal pregnant women

The probability of massive bleeding during production is also very high


Ethical crisis

Can you sort this out by yourself? After pregnancy, a child will have two mothers

That is to say, the child has the obligation to bear the alimony of the two mothers when he grows up, and the two mothers must also bear his living and education expenses

As China has not yet established a perfect surrogacy legal system, and commercial surrogacy is purely illegal, it is difficult for the court to make a fair judgment in case of disputes

Of course, there is the danger of egg donation

The intermediary will tell you that you don't know anything when you are asleep

Just pick an egg with a needle at will

▲ needle? The needle body is 2mm thick

Regular doctors will not do such operations as egg donation for you

They are all quack doctors

First, you will be injected with a large amount of hormone for 10 days, and then you will go to the ovary with a row stimulating needle through your vaginal wall after you fall asleep

The pain will be with you for a long time

Those with a little conscience will give you anesthetics

Those without conscience will hurt you

Having said so much, I just want you to protect your more precious house, instead of selling it for tens of thousands of yuan

Don't think about "one surrogate, the whole family is full"

Don't bet your health on more than 1W a month

You should be serious

Your health and money are also there

Well, I wish you happiness