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British mother and daughter have given birth to six babies with the same surrogate mother

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Jacqui and Becky, mother and daughter Jacqui shields, 43, and Becky, 21, in Winsford, UK, can be regarded as setting a precedent in the history of British medicine - the mother and daughter have worked together as "surrogate mothers" to help infertile couples conceive and have children

According to British media reports on the 21st, Jacqui shields and her first husband had three children

However, 10 years ago, after watching the reports on TV that infertile couples had undergone IVF operations for many times but failed, she made an amazing decision: to be a "surrogate mother"! In 2001, Jacqui performed surrogacy for an infertile couple

The doctor first performed IVF for the infertile couple, and then implanted the fertilized eggs into the uterus of "surrogate mother" Jacqui

Jacqui gave birth to a pair of lovely twins that year

In the next few years, Jacqui helped a Scottish infertile couple give birth to two children twice, and then Jacqui helped a black couple give birth to a black baby

"It was great to be a surrogate mother," Jacqui recalled What Jackie never dreamed of was that three years ago, her 18-year-old daughter Becky told her that she wanted to follow her mother's lead as a "surrogate mother", and Becky had not been in love and married at that time

Jacqui objected strongly at first, but when she saw that her daughter had made up her mind, she just listened

Last year, Becky successfully gave birth to a lovely baby girl for an infertile couple

Becky, now 21, told reporters: "I am very proud

My mother always told us that it is a better feeling in the world to help those infertile couples realize their dream of having children and make other families happy

" However, Jacqui felt sad that when she tried to give birth to their own child for her second husband Joey through IVF, the IVF operation failed; Her daughter, Becky, also miscarried earlier this month after she was more recently pregnant with the fetus of her boyfriend

Nevertheless, Jacqui and Becky still claim that they will continue to act as "surrogate mothers" and continue to help infertile families who are eager to have children and need their help