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The "black clinic" has been banned repeatedly, and the "child giving" industry urgently needs legal regulation

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The number of infertility is increasing year by year

Licensed clinics for artificial pregnancy are scarce

The "black clinics" have been banned repeatedly

The "child delivery" industry urgently needs legal regulation

In recent years, due to various reasons, the infertility rate has continued to rise, and more and more couples are unable to achieve their wishes of "having children"

Among the rapidly growing number of infertility patients, the majority are people aged 25 to 30

These young couples who are in a better period of childbirth have become the "main force" of infertility

"Not before the age of 25, not after the age of 25", has become the helplessness of many men and women of childbearing age

Some experts in the medical field said that at present, the incidence rate of infertility among couples of childbearing age has reached 10%~15%, and the "child giving" industry has ushered in a "big outbreak"

However, due to the imperfect relevant policies, the scarcity of licensed clinics for artificial pregnancy, some concepts have not changed, and industrial chaos has also emerged one after another

Every time I come for an examination, I basically get up at four or five in the morning Ms

Chen, 29, has been married for four years and has not been able to conceive as expected

In April this year, she began to go to a reproductive hospital in Chongqing for systematic examination and treatment

"At first, I didn't know the situation

The expert opened the clinic at 8:00, and I arrived at about 7:30

As a result, the expert number had already disappeared

Later, I found that there were people queuing up all night

In order to hang up the expert number, I had to get up early

" In response to the situation mentioned by Ms

Chen, the reporter visited the fertility clinics of several hospitals in the main city of Chongqing and found that the registration office was full at less than 7 o'clock, the waiting room was full, the front door of the expert consulting room was crowded, and there were complaints from time to time near the consulting room: "I don't know if I can get there today

" During the waiting process, some patients communicated with each other about the "long way to find children" they had experienced

Affected by late marriage and late childbirth, environmental pollution, work pressure, bad diet and living habits, induced abortion, reproductive tract infection and other factors, the incidence rate of infertility is increasing year by year

According to statistics, the number of infertility patients in China has already exceeded 40million, and there is an obvious upward trend

In this regard, chenlan, the head nurse of a fertility hospital in Chongqing, can be said to have witnessed the growth track of the infertile population: in the 1980s, there were very few infertile women, and there were less than 20 outpatients a year; It began to rise year by year in the late 1980s; Nowadays, more than a dozen experts who watch infertility have to watch 40~60 numbers every day

Sometimes they can't finish it even if they work overtime

During a visit to the "child sending" industry, the reporter noticed that some patients from Chongqing districts and counties or other provinces stayed in old hotels near the corresponding hospitals for a long time in order to queue up for medical treatment

The interior decoration of these rooms is very simple

A bed, a bedside table, and a chair are all "belongings"

The cheaper price is 70 yuan a day, and the more expensive is 150 yuan

At the same time, the owners of these hotels also provide some patients with services such as delivering meals and running errands

For some infertile patients, the boss even sells protein powder and other supplements and pregnancy test sticks

"This year marks the 30th anniversary of the birth of China's first test tube baby, and it is also an era of explosion in the 'child giving' industry

" Industry experts say that the incidence of infertility in China is about 10%~15%, that is, one out of every 7-8 couples cannot conceive, which is several times higher than 20 years ago

At the same time, infertility has also become the main reason for people to choose artificial assistance methods such as test tube baby and surrogate pregnancy

The strong market demand has promoted the "prosperity and development" of this industry

Data show that in China, there are about 3million women of childbearing age who need assisted reproduction and pregnancy, and about 100000 test tube babies are born every year

There are also clear indications and taboos for IVF surgery

Even so, as a more effective assisted pregnancy surgery at present, this technology, which began to be operated in China in the mid-1980s, has quickly become popular

In 2001, there were only 5 institutions that could operate human assisted reproductive technology approved by the former Ministry of health, which increased to 37 in 2004, 102 in 2007, and now there are only more than 400

As a result, some patients wait for treatment for at least a few months, or more than a year

Some patients who have done such operations have calculated an account for the reporter: "test tube baby" is carried out step by step and in stages, and charges by stage, so the cost is higher

Generally, the initial charge is 3000-6000 yuan; Taking the fine promotion scheduling period, the charge is more than 10000 yuan, and even 20000 yuan in case of great difficulty; During the implantation period, the charge is about 10000 yuan

Plus the recuperation expenses before and after, it will cost about 50000 or 60000 yuan

Test tube babies are often tied to surrogacy

If the woman's own conditions do not allow, surrogacy is the next step

"Surrogacy" has always existed in the "gray area" of the law, and its cost is not cheap

Artificial assisted reproduction also needs "care" from the policy

"At present, infertility is not only a medical problem, but also a social problem

" Previously, dingruping, deputy chief physician of Chengdu songniao infertility hospital, said publicly that if it is allowed to develop, it will not only affect family harmony, but also affect the balance of social labor force and the development of the national economy

But there is a long way to go to change this situation

In fact, with the continuous increase in the infertility rate of men and women of childbearing age and the opening of the two child policy in China, the utilization rate of artificial assisted reproductive means such as test tube babies and surrogacy has also increased significantly

Many people in the industry believe that artificial assisted reproduction has its social and industrial value

However, due to insufficient domestic policies and legal supervision, the "baby giving" industry is in frequent chaos, especially the "underground" test tube baby

According to the domestic administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology, IVF can be implemented in medical institutions approved by the health administration department on the premise of "medical treatment", but it is often difficult for formal medical institutions to meet the strong market demand

So many people focus on the underground industry, and then promote the chaos

According to a person familiar with the matter, every link of the underground test tube baby industry chain is clearly priced at 8

80000 yuan can choose the sex of embryo; Add 10000 yuan to use other people's sperm; Plus tens of thousands of yuan, you can use young and beautiful eggs; If you are willing to spend more than 400000 yuan, you can use volunteers to surrogate

"The activity of the underground test tube baby industry has given birth to a series of social problems

" People familiar with the matter said that many illegal institutions have set their sights on female college students in order to promote volleyball, so many female students have joined the army of "selling eggs", and the result is often to get a small amount of money and send away their health

At the same time, because of the concept of "family succession", the "underground" test tube baby has aggravated the imbalance between men and women

And the legal disputes caused by "underground" seeking children are emerging in endlessly

In the face of this situation, many people call for giving full play to the deterrent power of legal supervision

However, the fact is that in the past, China mainly relied on the relevant provisions of the administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology and the administrative measures for human sperm bank for certain supervision of test tube babies and surrogacy

"China has no clear legal provisions and corresponding policies on the specific implementation of artificial assisted reproduction

" Previously, in view of legal and ethical difficulties, surrogacy was banned in China

The amendment to the population and family planning law passed in 2015 deleted the provision that "surrogacy is prohibited in any form"

Some experts said that this move was widely believed that China would take the road of legalizing surrogacy

But in fact, this is only a minor adjustment based on the current situation of infertility in China

The standardization of the means of assisted reproduction also needs the "attention" of the policy and the formulation of laws to regulate it

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