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British mother surrogates gay son is the first case of concern in the UK

2022-07-10 19:50 browse:

Carson holds the baby

Mom was very supportive of Carson's idea

A British mother has caused controversy by acting as a surrogate mother for her gay son

According to British law, the newborn can only be the brother of a gay son, but last week the British court of Appeal ruled that the adoption application of a gay son was approved

This matter immediately aroused great concern in the British society

Kyle Carson, a 27 year old employee of a supermarket in Doncaster, England, who surrogates his mother as the first person in Britain, is now raising an 8-month-old boy, mills, independently, although he is not married

Mills was conceived in Carson's mother's womb after fertilization between Carson's sperm and an egg donated by an anonymous person

Carson clearly knows that not everyone understands what he is doing, but he said: "I am very happy to have my own son now

As long as you can provide a home for the child, everyone has the right to be a parent

" Carson is the first unmarried man in Britain to give birth through surrogacy and the first Briton to let his mother surrogate him

According to English law, Carson is only the child's brother

The British law on surrogacy has also been updated to provide that a surrogate woman can only send her child to a stable family with two members after giving birth, such as husband and wife

However, last week, the British court of appeal finally ruled that although Carson was a single man, his application for "adoption" of mills was approved because Carson and mills were brothers in law, and adoption was not illegal

The media disclosed that Carson had initially conceived of letting one of his female relatives help with the surrogacy, but it was not successful

What Carson didn't expect was that his mother actually agreed to surrogate him

Ann Marie, Carson's mother, recalled: "when he came to me, I agreed to his request without any hesitation

Some people didn't understand it, but I didn't think it was anything

This child was my grandson

" (Donglai)