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The shadow of one child in China still exists: it is difficult for men to get a wife and the rich to find a surrogate

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Original title: US media said that the shadow of "one-child" in China is still there: it is difficult for men to find a wife for the rich to find a surrogate picture: a rapper publicizes the family planning policy on the streets of Baofeng County, Henan Province (photographed on February 19, 2008)

On January 18, Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Song reported to foreign media that China has abolished the "one-child" policy, but the social problems caused by this mandatory population control method will not disappear in a short time

According to the VOA radio website on January 16, China has officially implemented the one-child policy since 1980, trying to solve the problems of extreme poverty and limited resources by slowing down the population growth

Pulitzer Prize winner and former Wall Street Journal reporter in China fangfengmei has conducted surveys throughout China for many years and interviewed a large number of people

Fangfengmei said: "among a series of serious problems, it is obvious that the population is aging

China has a large number of elderly people

By 2050, one in four Chinese people will be retirees

Due to the one-child policy, the labor force supporting these people is relatively small

" According to the report, another social problem caused by the one-child policy is that the gender ratio in China is seriously unbalanced

The male population is 30million more than the female population

It is difficult for men to choose a spouse, which has become a factor of social instability

She said that the competition for men to get a wife is becoming more and more fierce, and the cost of getting a wife is also getting higher and higher

In the interview, fangfengmei found that there were many inflatable doll factories and stores in Shenzhen and other cities, which had something to do with the difficulty of Chinese men getting married

On the other hand, the reduction of female babies has not improved women's social status

Under the restrictions of the one-child policy, many people have to abandon female babies in order to have boys

Western families have come to China to adopt female babies

Therefore, there is a strange phenomenon in China that, on the one hand, there is a craze for adoption and tourism, and on the other hand, rich people go to the United States to borrow their babies

It is reported that although Beijing has relaxed its family planning policy, observers say that the two-child policy will not change the current population structure and labor shortage in the short term

Fangfengmei said that people will not have two children just because the government says they can have two children

The habitual thinking trained for decades can not be changed in a short time

She said that even if people are willing to have two children, it will take more than 20 years to cultivate a labor force

Many people worry that for many people born after the 1980s, the words "brother", "brother", "sister" and "sister" will be an abstract concept

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